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Identify issues or trends that may be preventing visitors from buying.

Desktop and Mobile On-Site Remarketing

Understand their reasons for leaving.

Abandonment surveys help you to understand why your website visitors are leaving.

The more you learn about why people leave before making a purchase, the better position you are in to influence their future buying behavior. What better way to learn where you can improve than by asking the people who wanted to buy from you but ended up walking away!

Abandonment Surveys
Abandonment Survey

On-Site Surveys

At the point a visitor displays intent to leave the site without completing the purchase, display a message asking them for quick feedback on why. This isn’t the time for long questionnaires, or an excuse to gather personal information.

Multi-choice answers work really well, and may even present you with a chance to provide the visitor a solution on-the-spot (a price-guarantee, or live-chat assistance). And maybe even save the sale!


Abandonment Surveys - On-Site

Abandonment Surveys - One-Click Submit

Email Surveys

Abandonment surveys are an ideal edition to a multi-cycle remarketing email campaign. If a cart abandonment email has not resulted in the visitor coming back to complete a purchase, the abandonment survey can be triggered.

Keep it as simple as possible. Drop the age and gender questions and keep your survey focused on the key issue – abandonment. This way you’ll be sure to uncover any weaknesses and/or breaking point(s) within the customer journey.


Abandonment Survey

Results & Benchmarking

SaleCycle can benchmark the results from your survey against other websites. You can see where you are performing well, or where your site could do that little bit better.

Identifying the issues and trends behind why your potential customers are abandoning their baskets is first class data. But collecting this information is just the first step. Once you have it, act on it… and act fast!

Abandonment Surveys - Results & Benchmarking

“Abandonment Surveys have really helped us to drill in and understand where we need to improve the on-site experience.”


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