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SaleCycle for iGaming

They came to your site for a reason.

The gaming industry spends billions of dollars every year driving traffic to their websites, yet a huge proportion will leave without ever depositing a penny.

SaleCycle works with iGaming companies across the globe to convert this traffic into registrations and first time depositors and help keep their players coming back for more.

Key Challenges

Acquire New Players

Engage your visitors with the right message to increase sign ups and deposits.

Recover First Time Depositors

Reconnect with your hottest prospects, tempting them back to continue their registrations or deposits.

Drive Average Lifetime Value

Create lasting relationships with your customers to keep them coming back and playing.

iGaming Solutions
On-Site Remarketing

Acquire new players.

Create a unique experience for every visitor.

Getting that first deposit is a big challenge. You’ve done a great job getting people to your site, but to get them depositing their hard earned cash and placing that all-important first bet you need to make them feel special.

SaleCycle helps you personalize the experience for every visitor to ensure it’s as simple as possible for new players to get started; while existing customers are presented an experience that tempts them to play more.

On-Site Remarketing

Email Remarketing

Recover abandoned bets.

Stop people leaving. Tempt back those who do.

The reasons for abandonment are endless. Distracted by a phone call? A change of heart on that bet? Or just haven’t got your payment details handy? The reality is that betting abandonment is inevitable.

SaleCycle identifies the moment someone is about to leave your website, helping you tempt them to deposit; and reconnects with those who have already left, bringing them back to finish their registration.

Loyal Customers

Drive loyal gamers.

Increase customer lifetime value.

Persuading a customer to place that first deposit is just the start. The challenge is building a relationship that lasts for years to come, and ensuring you have a loyal customer base that only play with you.

SaleCycle helps gaming companies focus on creating personal connections throughout the lifecycle of the customer; utilizing behavioral data to drive campaigns that keep customers engaged, depositing and playing.

Loyal Customers

“This activity is one of our strongest performing digital channels in terms of ROI.”

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Out Of 10

“I’ve been very impressed by the service and support we’ve received from SaleCycle from the beginning.”



Out Of 10

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