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Desktop On-site and Email Remarketing


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Drive Customer Loyalty

Tempt them back to spend a little more.

We help you bring customers back to re-order products that are about to run-out, cross-sell complementary products and turn your happiest customers into advocates.

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Upsell & Cross-Sell Emails

Tempt your customers to buy more.

This isn’t some underhanded technique to shake down your customers. Upsell & Cross-Sell emails enable you to take your customer relationships to the next level.

They get better stuff, you get more money and the real win-win: you’ve added real value ensuring they’re here to stay.

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Replenishment Emails

Remind your customers to buy another.

Think how great it would be to receive a reminder just as you were about to run out of your favorite product.

Replenishment campaigns do just that; helping to drive increased revenue and making sure your valued customers are never left up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

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Satisfaction Surveys

Give your loyal customers a voice.

Don’t wait for feedback to come to you, proactively reach out post-purchase to find out what’s really on your customer’s mind.

Take the time to learn what they want from your brand and they’ll thank you with their repeat business for years to come.

Loyalty Programs

Keep them coming back.

If you’ve got a loyalty program, make sure your customers know about it.

By showing the benefits of being a member, and what they’re missing if they’re not, you’ll boost sign-ups in no time and keep your customers away from the competition.

“In customer marketing relevancy is everything. SaleCycle helps us deliver an experience that our customers appreciate just as much as we do.” – Serena Chan, French Connection

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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01 Can these be seen by all customers or only those influenced by SaleCycle?

We can send emails or display messages on-site to any customer who purchases from your site.

02 How long after a purchase would you send these emails?

Your choice. All of these emails serve a different purpose so can be triggered at different times.

Loyalty, up-sell and cross sell emails can be sent soon after a transaction, and we can wait for a certain time period to pass before sending replenishment emails or satisfaction surveys.

03 How is the personalized content chosen for up-sell emails?

SaleCycle tracks all transactions on your website and creates links between items often purchased together.

We’ll take into account the items that we’re purchased and send the three most popular items that have been purchased with these by other shoppers.

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Find out why 98% of SaleCycle clients would recommend us.