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Desktop On-site and Email Remarketing


The Ebookers Story

Ed Goldswain from ebookers.com explains how they have worked with SaleCycle to tackle booking abandonment.

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Ed explains why email remarketing has become so important to one of Europe’s largest online travel agents and how it has helped ebookers both increase their online sales and improve customer experiences in the process.

Thanks for telling your story Ed, we hope you enjoyed the prosecco!

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Its great to have a technology you can just flick on and use.

I have found SaleCycle very easy to deal with – from my side it has been a pretty simple out of the box set up. You literally just tell them what you want, and they come back to you in a couple of weeks with your emails all set up and remarketing.

Very easy, and great results!

Ed Goldswain at Ebookers

Features Used

Email My Booking

Make it easy for them to come back.

75% of visitors add something to their shopping cart but then leave your site. Use ‘Email My Basket’ to provide a handy route back when they are ready to buy.

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Booking Abandonment Emails

Remind them what they left behind.

Despite our best efforts, some people will abandon mid-way through a booking.

We’ll help you target visitors who are about to leave and persuade them to stay. We can also reconnect you with those who have left and convince them to return and finish their booking.

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Find out why 98% of SaleCycle clients would recommend us.