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Desktop On-site and Email Remarketing


Loyalty Programs

Keep them coming back.

If you’ve got a loyalty program, make sure your customers know about it. You’ll boost sign-ups in no time and keep your customers away from the competition.





How It Works.

Here's how you can ensure your customers know about your loyalty program:



SaleCycle tracks all website visitors and detects new or unregistered guests.



We'll display a message or send an email or SMS inviting them to join your program.



We'll send any sign-ups through to your ESP in real-time so they can be added to your welcome program.

The Rocket Fuel.

Here's the stuff that makes our loyalty program feature fly.

Dynamic Offers

Use your customers’ interests to create segments to show more persuasive reasons to join.

Change benefits shown based on gender or location.

Display offers to complement their purchase.

Change offers based on gender or location.

Dynamic Content

Deliver the most persuasive and relevant content about the benefits of joining based on who your customer is.

Choose who to invite depending on the traffic source or purchase.

Change your messaging for new or returning customers.

Display live points balance or status should they join.

ESP Integrations

Get them into your program right away so you miss no time in letting them know the full extent of benefits!

Integrations with all major ESPs.

Quick transfer of sign-up data.

Feed directly into your membership welcome programs.

% Conversion Rate
% Open Rate
% Click Rate
% Uplift In Sales

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Got a question not covered here? Check out our FAQs page for more.
See our FAQs

01 How does the technology work?

It’s a combination of smart tech and data algorithms.

Our JavaScript works quietly in the background of your site, tracking visitor behavior and making real-time decisions based on thousands of pieces of delicious data.

02 How long does it take to get started?

Your dedicated Implementation Consultant will provide an approximate timescale once they have determined the solution we are going to implement for you. For example, how many products, regions and websites.

03 How much does it cost?

We’re pretty flexible! Let’s find something that works.

We have a number of different options to suit different types of businesses, from fixed price models to performance based – contact us here for a quote.

With open rates nearing 50% and an overall sales uplift of 7% – it’s relevancy that our customers clearly appreciate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SaleCycle to anyone looking to increase their revenue online.

Serena Chan, French Connection

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Find out why 98% of SaleCycle clients would recommend us.