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Desktop On-site and Email Remarketing


SaleCycle for Travel

A remarkable journey from start to finish.

In travel & leisure, customers expect a fantastic experience from the moment they arrive on your site for the first time. SaleCycle helps you to make it happen.


Increase Conversion Rates

Turn them from browsers into buyers.

Getting people to your website is the first step, but supporting them online is the key to driving conversions.

We track your visitors’ online behaviors and deliver personalized messages to influence their experience on your site and drive them to complete their booking.


“SaleCycle’s allowed us to provide our visitors with the exceptional level of customer service they would receive during their stay, from the moment they start to book.”

Amanda Du, Carlson Rezidor APAC

Recover Abandoned Sales

Remind them what they left behind.

Despite our best efforts, some people will abandon mid-way through a booking.

We’ll help you target visitors who are about to leave and persuade them to stay. We can also reconnect you with those who have left and convince them to return and finish their booking.

“Working with SaleCycle has been fantastic. They’ve helped us tackle booking abandonment – improving customer service and increasing online revenue in the process.”

Ahmed Oraby, Nile Air

Drive Customer Loyalty

Tempt them back to spend a little more.

We help you create personal connections throughout the lifecycle of your customer.

Using your customer’s booking information we can help increase their value to you. From upgrade and cross-sell campaigns to loyalty scheme signups, we keep your customers engaged long after their initial booking.


“The creativity, analytics and insights that SaleCycle offer us are things we wouldn’t be able to get on our end. That’s invaluable really.”

Katie Meade-King, Skiddoo

% completion from on-site click
% conversion from email click
% increase in online sales

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Client Creatives.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Got a question not covered here? Check out our FAQs page for more.
See our FAQs

01 How do you send the emails?

Your choice. We can send it for you, or integrate with your ESP.

We’ve got partnerships with all of the world’s leading Email Service Providers so if you want all your emails going through your ESP, then we can plug that in for you. If you’re happy for us to send the emails for you – then we can do that too… and don’t worry, there’s no extra cost!

02 How long should I wait after abandonment to email?

Your choice. We recommend sending within 1 hour, but it’s completely up to you.
At SaleCycle, we let you decide how long to wait after the abandonment before you send the emails – or just split-test different times and let your customers show you what works best!

03 Will our customers mind?

… It’s our favourite, and easiest question to answer. Our clients see an unsubscribe rate either lower, or equivalent to, their traditional email marketing sends.
The relevancy, and customer service approach we recommends, ensures that customers respond really positively.

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Find out why 98% of SaleCycle clients would recommend us.