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Ecommerce Returns: 2020 Stats and Trends

We take a look at some key stats and trends around ecommerce returns.  Returns policies, and how returns are handled, are key concerns for online retailers. Returns can be a major headache for retailers. There’s the cost of processing returns, in terms of staff and resources, and there’s also the risk that items returned may not […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Feedback Surveys

We look at Feedback Surveys and how retailers can use them to reach out to customers and gather valuable feedback from shoppers.  It’s important for retailers to gain insights into the people that visit their websites, whether they become customers, or leave without buying. The insights gained can help you to understand why customers didn’t […]

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2019 Travel Ecommerce Remarketing Report

In our latest Travel Remarketing Report infographic, we look at the online travel market, with some fascinating insights into global abandonment rates and sales trends. Some highlights from the report, which looks at five different types of travel websites: The overall average abandonment rate for online travel sites is 90.74%. Online travel agents (OTAs) have […]

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