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Ecommerce in GCC: Market Stats and Trends

Ecommerce in GCC: Market Stats and Trends


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A look at ecommerce trends in GCC, which includes Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Market Size and Growth

The Saudi ecommerce market was worth $6.8bn in 2016, and is predicted to be worth more than $10bn by 2020.

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Top Product Categories Sold Online

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Preferred Ecommerce Payment Methods

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Mobile Commerce

Identity MENA has a useful SlideShare doc with some key stats on social and ecommerce in Saudi Arabia, including these 2016 stats on ecommerce.

Smartphone usage has been growing in Saudi Arabia, with more than 20m smartphone users from a population of around 32m in 2016.

[infogram id=”0b9c527b-65c3-425d-905a-bcccc29da78d” prefix=”A4H”]

Up to 2017, 42% of Saudi shoppers had made an online purchase via mobile.

[infogram id=”32bcfcb2-4d30-4ed8-8c61-9149857fac97″ prefix=”BkI”]

Online Travel

40% of air and train tickets are made online, compared to 67% for the United Arab Emirates.

[infogram id=”e5552805-29e7-423c-b18a-0a6c391e41cb” prefix=”kl8″]

37% of all hotel reservations made in Saudi Arabia are online. The same figure for UAE is 57%.

[infogram id=”b39ff98f-ab9d-4d9e-9373-d63e1ae77348″ prefix=”euj”]

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