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Email and On-Site Remarketing Stats: June 2018

Email and On-Site Remarketing Stats: June 2018


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Every month, we’ll look at the campaign performance of our clients in the fashion, finance, non-profit, retail and travel industries.
We pull out average abandonment rates, email open rates, conversions of our emails and on-site messages and overall sales uplift to share.
Results from their remarketing campaigns create benchmarks for others in these industries, so go ahead, see how you stack up.

Abandonment rates remained pretty steady month on month with the exception of non-profits who saw a spike of nearly 7%, bringing it out of its place as the industry with the previously lowest online abandonment rate.
Fashion consistently sees a lower abandonment rate than other industries.
Fashion purchases in general, happen more often and are for considerably lower order values than we see in some other industries.
Graham recently wrote about some of the reasons fashion sites have lower than average abandonment rates, and what other retailers could learn from them.

The travel industry again has exceptional email open rates at nearly 50%, with all other industries well above the average marketing email open rate of 20.81%.
Timing of emails sent can have a big impact on the email being opened. Testing to find which time is right for your brand is essential. Pro Direct Soccer put their email send time to the test and found that sending their cart abandonment email 30 minutes after an abandonment (rather than one hour) resulted in a 19% higher conversion rate.

The email conversion rates of our three biggest industries (Fashion, Retail and Travel), we’re relatively equal, with travel coming out slightly ahead.
On-site conversion messages performed very well for the travel industry at 3.78%. This shows the value of a well placed urgency message such as live trends in an industry where demand drives price and availability.

Using abandonment recovery emails and on-site conversion messages have increased online sales for our clients by an average of 5.65% across our major industries in June.
Fashion took the crown at over 6%, proving that highly targeted and relevant messages really can help improve the online journey for customers, and drive a massive increase in sales for ecommerce focused brands.


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