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Email and On-Site Remarketing Stats: May 2018

Email and On-Site Remarketing Stats: May 2018


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We take a look at some stats from our clients, including cart abandonment rates, email open and conversion rates, and uplift from emails and on-site messaging.
Every month, we’ll look at the campaign performance of our clients in the fashion, finance, non-profit, retail and travel industries.
Results from their email remarketing campaigns create benchmarks for others in these industries, so go ahead, see how you stack up.

Travel continues to see a much higher abandonment rate than other industries. This has remained constant since our booking abandonment survey back in 2016!
These are often higher value purchases which take more consideration. In fact 39% of people say that their reason for abandonment is that they are still in the research stage and 21% need to check with other travellers before completing the purchase.
Non-profits see the lowest abandonment rates this month which may be due to the higher level of intent when starting charitable transactions. There is a lot less distraction in the number of options or steps to progress in a donation than a visitor would see when shopping with online retailers.
Find out how to track your own cart abandonment rate in Google Analytics.

Open rates of abandonment emails are much higher than that of other marketing emails or newsletters.
In May, non-profits performed exceptionally well, with open rates more than 10% over the average of all sectors, while the fashion industry has seen a slow decline in open rates since a high in January of 45.5%.
Using the name of the items abandoned in the email subject line can boost email open rates up to 52% (SaleCycle Data).
[infogram id=”on-site-and-email-conversion-rates-by-industry-may-2018-1h9j6q80m71v6gz” prefix=”dkS”]
Email conversion rates of our three biggest industries (Fashion, Retail and Travel), were much the same, showing that effort put into getting these emails opened can really make all the difference.
A Litmus report from Jan 2018 shows that 47% of email is now opened on mobile. This trend results in reduced space for subject lines, making the preheader an important yet underutilised element of emails.
Along with the sender name and subject line, preheaders will be one of the first three things the recipient sees, so make sure you put yours to good use.
While the fashion industry saw slightly lower email conversion rates, those who combined email and on-site messages came out ahead.
sales uplift from abandonment emails
Using abandonment recovery emails and on-site conversion messages had a massive impact on sales volume in May. Our travel clients saw a huge sales uplift online of nearly 6%, with the fashion and retail industries not far behind.


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