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If you’re looking for your dream partner in recovering abandoned sales, increasing conversion rates & driving customer loyalty it can be a tricky choice. In our latest video, we take a look at In-House Solutions, ESP’s and SaleCycle in comparison to see who wins the date. 

Video Transcription

Host- In tonight’s episode, we have Francine looking for her dream partner in business to help her increase conversion rates, recover abandoned sales and drive customer loyalty.
In seat 1 we have In-House Solutions – give us a wave! In-House is an easy option who loves to chill at the office.
In seat 2, we have Email Service Provider – a self-service platform that gives users the freedom to work their own magic. This ESP likes long walks by himself.
And finally, in seat 3 we have SaleCycle, a global behavioral marketing company who loves tracking abandonments by the billions.
So now you’ve got a brief overview of your options, let’s find out who your perfect match is!
Fire away with your first question!

Q1 – Why are you the company of my dreams? What makes you my knight in shining armor?

In-House – Well, we’re already part of the company – why do you need to look elsewhere?
Host – And what is your answer contestant number 2?
ESP- It’s all on you-you build and send the emails yourself. We have basic reporting tools too… but we can talk about that if you are wanting to upgrade.
Host – Right… And last but not least, contestant number 3…
SaleCycle – We know our stuff. We’re a global company with a client list of over 500 of the world’s biggest brands. From implementation, designing and building emails, to ongoing account management & reporting, we cover it all.
Host – Interesting answers there. Ok, let’s move onto the next question. Fire away…

Q2 – My relationship with the law and customers needs to be perfect – Is there a way in which I can capture and manage marketing permissions?

In-house- We’ve had some training on it… I think as long as you have an unsubscribe button? But it’s all with the legal team… you’ll have to go and speak to them.
Host – Contestant number 2?
ESP – GD..P… errr? Who cares? You will have to deal with it, not us!
Host – Wow, ok… contestant number 3…
SaleCycle – Staying legally compliant is very important. We offer a Marketing Permission Service, which allows you to collect and manage marketing permissions in a way that suits your audience.
Host  – So Francine, have you got any favorites?
Prospect – I have an idea – this next question will help me make up my mind.

Q3 – It takes two to tango – what am I going to have to put into this partnership?

Host – Ooo, good one! Contestant number 1?
In-House – You would have to tell us exactly what you want, in what style and format and when to send it out… but we are busy and have other important things to do…so you’ll have to wait 6 months for it to be completed.
Host – Hmm, ok… what about you contestant number 2?
ESP –  The creative freedom and timing is all down to you … so you’ll have to do the heavy lifting yourself.
Prospect – But what if I need help?
ESP – Help? That’ll cost you…
Host – That doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship… what about you contestant number 3?
SaleCyle – You’re not in this alone. You’ll get your very own Account Manager, who is there to work with you and help you boost your conversions. We’ll do the hard work for you, and you’ll have regular campaign reviews.
Host – Well, there you have it, all three questions answered. Now it’s down to you Francine, which contestant would you like to partner up with? Have you made your mind up?
Prospect – Yes I have. After hearing all the answers, I think I’d like to choose contestant… Number 3 – SaleCycle.
Host – That’s a great choice. I think this will be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Holly Dawson