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[Infographic] The Remarketing Report – Q3 2016


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It’s that time again! Here’s our latest infographic with the key cart abandonment stats from the last quarter – featuring, for the first time, figures for the iGaming and Financial Service industries.
This quarter we focus on the reasons people abandon their shopping cart with some new data taken from actual abandoners. Unlike many of the clipboard surveys (“we asked 100 people and they said…”) all of the data below is taken from real people who have recently abandoned a purchase online.
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“I’m just looking, thanks”

It’s no great surprise that ‘Just Looking / Researching’ ranks as the most common reason people say that they abandon.
It’s window shopping and we’re all guilty of it. Whether you’re walking down the high street or trawling every shop in the mall, we’ve all at some point said to the shop keeper, “I’m just looking, thanks” – and the same applies online.
With the ever-growing number of smartphone users (4.77 billion in 2017) and abandonment rates 6% higher on mobile than desktop – it’s not a trend that’s likely to slow with our changing shopping habits.

The key for marketers remains ensuring that when that customer is ready to purchase – it’s you they come back to.



“If in doubt, ‘Amazon’ it.”

Although there’s no ‘quick fix’ for changing our habit to window shop – there is a real opportunity for marketers when looking at the large percentage of visitors who cite payment and shipping issues as the reason for leaving their product in the cart.
Shopping giant Amazon remain the benchmark when it comes to offering a seamless checkout experience.
From multiple delivery options (including same-day!) to quick and easy payment methods, including the now famous ‘one-click’ (they lost the patent – but it’s still genius!) Amazon constantly strive to remove barriers to purchase from their checkout process.

While it might be a little too soon for you to invest in your own fleet of delivery drones, understanding that customers are abandoning due to fixable problems does give brands an opportunity to do something about it (adding PayPal to the checkout; or additional shipping options for example).



In Conclusion

There are plenty of studies about the reasons for abandonment out there, but what’s really important is to focus on why people are abandoning on your website.
You might think that an old fashioned user-interface or lack of a guest checkout are holding you back – in reality, the truth may be something very different.
Get to the bottom of that and you’ll be well on the road to improving your customer journeys online. (See more email marketing stats here).
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