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Inside SaleCycle | October 2018


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Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the biggest online shopping periods of the year. In the last 5 years, US online sales on Black Friday have grown to over $5bn, and sales on Cyber Monday have grown almost 200% to over $6bn.
From looking at our data we found that Black Friday is no longer just a day or a weekend, sales normally last around a week.
This allows shoppers to get deals earlier and for brands to spread the load over a week rather than experience massive spikes in one day.
We’ve got more data and stats in our upcoming content, ‘Black Friday Ecommerce: the ultimate guide’.

On-Site Embed

You’ve probably heard of a little thing called GDPR. Getting marketing permissions can be quite an intrusive step in the customer journey. So we’ve developed a feature called On-Site Embed!
It’s a new way to capture marketing permission on-site in a way that doesn’t interrupt or disrupt the visitor and is tailored to only show to visitors when legislatively required. Meaning the customer experience doesn’t have to be sacrificed.
When an email address is entered in a capture field, we check the consent status in our marketing permission service and embed a checkbox or toggle (which is customizable to your brand) into the HTML of your site.

We’ll identify which country your visitors are in, and show different messages (opt-in or opt-out) based on the consent approach you’ve chosen.
But we’ll also know if they have already opted in or if they are a new visitor, meaning these capture messages are only shown when needed.

Yorkshire Three Peaks

Finally, this month, a bunch of SaleCycle employees tackled the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.
They completed the challenge in 12 hours, raising money for a local North East charity. Great job guys!

Holly Dawson