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SaleCycle Likes This: Travel Updates


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Here’s our weekly round-up, giving you a quick update on the latest and most interesting campaigns in the world of ecommerce and digital marketing.

January is peak booking season for flights, so it’s no surprise to see that the travel industry has been coming out with campaigns this week to get people excited and spending in preparation for their summer trips.


Ryanair’s Hotel Ambitions

Ryanair has always been known for their affordable flights, but now you can also book your hotel room with the airline brand. This week Ryanair reveals its new hotel ambitions in a new TV ad campaign.
Ryanair Rooms was founded in November 2017 and Ryanair has just updated their site, offering a new scheme to give back to their customers to encourage booking.

When you book one of Ryanair’s hotels you will get 10% off your room tariff back as travel credit once you have checked out after your stay. That basically means money towards your next Ryanair flight!

With more than a million hotels, hostels, B&Bs and apartments Ryanair Rooms seems like a great place to stay to get the most for your money!
Could Ryanair Rooms be the new

Is Wi-Fi A New Travel Essential?

Are travellers expecting more from airlines? A rise of in-flight wifi has been seen within the last year with accessibility increasing by 17%.
Is 2018 the year where in-flight wifi takes off and becomes a travel essential?
Icelandair, Southwest and Virgin Atlantic have revealed that they will offer it on 100% of their flights, so it seems that this will be a feature we will see more of!

Booking On Mobile Devices

This week, a Travel Insights report shows that 89% of last-minute holiday booking traffic comes from a mobile device, whether it be on the web or an app.
This report also reveals that searches on apps for overnight stays have spiked and now account for up to 33% of traffic.  The traditional post Christmas travel booking period is expected to see an 80% increase compared to November therefore highlighting the importance of a mobile booking experience within the travel industry.

Holiday Booking Chatbots

Since smartphones and booking holidays seem to go together nicely, it makes sense that a travel chatbot would be introduced.
Teletext Holidays have revealed a Facebook Messenger chatbot which broadens the reach of their travel services. This chatbot is designed to provide destination inspiration though to assisting consumers to book the actual holiday by providing the latest trending deals!

That’s all for this week, be sure to come back next week for more of the latest in digital marketing and ecommerce…


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