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[Infographic] 2014 Booking Abandonment Forecast

A great infographic revealing the latest booking abandonment statistics in travel & leisure. We recently published our 2014 Cart Abandonment Forecast Infographic which focused on the key metrics relevant to cart abandonment in various retail sub-sectors. But what about the travel & leisure sector, where a highly competitive market, and typically elongated checkouts and booking […]

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Cart Abandonment is on the Increase

Cart abandonment is on the increase and the trend looks set to continue… There’s a good chance you’ve done it today. If not today, then you’ll almost certainly do it later this week and the majority of times you shop online this year. ‘It’ is cart abandonment – the act of putting something in your […]

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A look at’s brilliant multi-cycle email remarketing campaign… There’s no quicker and easier way to boost recovered revenue on your campaign than to implement another email remarketing cycle. SaleCycle allows our clients to send up to 3 emails in response to a customer abandonment in order to help recover their cart. Recently, my colleague […]

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[Infographic] 2014 Cart Abandonment Forecast

[two_third] More Recents Stats Are Available! There is a more recent version of this inforgraphic, to access it simply click here! [/two_third][one_third_last]LATEST STATS[/one_third_last] A great infographic revealing the latest cart abandonment statistics in retail. Research from Baymard shows that around 70% of consumers will abandon their online shopping carts this year. While the reasons for basket abandonment are […]

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[Infographic] The Perfect Booking Recovery Email

Philip Docherty, Customer Marketing Manager, reveals the secrets to The Perfect Booking Recovery Email. Booking abandonment is a challenge facing every travel marketer today with abandonment rates averaging 81% and a forecasted $3 trillion to be abandoned online in 2014. The reasons for booking and form abandonment are endless, but it doesn’t have to be end […]

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Meet the Marketer: FCP

For our latest Meet The Marketer, SaleCycle caught up with Alex Frank at FCP for 7 Questions in 7 Minutes. Q Let’s start with a bit about yourself Alex… What attracted you to FCP? Social media. Originally the work I was looking for was purely social, but even before my first real interview with FCP we […]

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You Want Me to Send How Many Emails?

Nick Codero, Head of Strategic Sales, investigates multi-cycle emails. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again… Unless you are living under a rock you are either already working with a provider that helps you retarget customers with remarketing emails after abandonment or you are looking into it. Now that you have started down your […]

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The 7 Legged Spider

The story of my favorite ever email… and a 7 legged spider. It’s that time of the year when we attempt to finally clear the inbox and look at back all the emails we’ve were sent in 2013… from the business emails (internal and external), emails from friends and family and of course all the […]

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Product Recommendations in Email Remarketing

A true story about product recommendations in email remarketing. One week before my wedding in 2010, my future husband was in a state of panic shopping for my wedding present. I had suggested that a necklace might be an appropriate token, and having previously admired a beautiful black pearl and diamond necklace, he headed back […]

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