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Inside SaleCycle | August 2018


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The masses have spoken, so here it is, back by popular demand, welcome to the first episode in our new series of Inside SaleCycle.
Each month you can expect an update on the latest and most exciting news from SaleCycle and the industry in general!

SaleCycle News

Did you know that the travel industry’s cart abandonment rate is at 81%? Making it higher than any other sector!
In money terms, that’s THREE TRILLION DOLLARS! But if you want to grab a piece of that back then you’re in luck!
The marketing team at SaleCycle have been hard at work to bring out a brand new ebook to show you 30 ways to increase online travel bookings!

Hopefully, with the tips, you will be able to battle against that high abandonment rate! So, be sure to grab your copy online!

Industry News

In the fashion industry, 70% of those who add items to their basket will abandon, so we worked with our client Reebok to lower this rate and increase online sales.
From working with Reebok, we achieved an overall result of 35% conversion from click.
Check out our latest case study to read more about the solutions that we used to get these results.

Partner Update

It’s always great to see our partners doing well, and Amadeus has just bought TravelClick for $1.52 billion.
TravelClick provided cloud-based solutions to more than 25,000 customers.
With the addition of TravelClick, Amadeus will be able to offer solutions not just to the larger chains but to the mid chains and independent hotels.

A Product Update

We asked our Commercial Product Manager Dan, to give you a quick product update.
“We now have even more personalization when it comes to product recommendations.
You can give your visitors targeted recommendations based on products they viewed during their visit, and give the most frequently viewed products the most prominent spot in the email.
We can customise these even further by giving visitors a mixture of their viewed products, alongside any recommended items based products they have in their basket.”


Here at SaleCycle, our kryptonite is cakes. And the other day we held a Bake Off! We had entrees from vegan chocolate cake to lemon meringue tarts. And overall the winner was Peanut Butter Fudge made by Jude.

Well, that’s it for this month, We hope you enjoyed the sneak peak of our brand spanking new office in New York City.
We’re not jealous at all…I mean what does the Big Apple have that you can’t get in Sunderland! We’ll see you next month!


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