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SaleCycle Like This: Tech and Travel


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Here’s our weekly round-up giving you a quick update on the latest and most interesting in the world of ecommerce and digital marketing.

Norway Pushing Electric Planes

Norway is planning to shape the way that we travel. In the next ten years, pushing to have commercial electric planes in the air. Norway has some of the busiest flight routes in Europe, and their country tourism pitch is “Powered by Nature”.
So, it makes sense that they want to make a change to reflect their pitch and by introducing electric planes, it will have a great impact on the environment.

Norway began testing small two-seater electric plane this week, as planned, the flight lasted just a few minutes to ensure safety. Over the course of the next several years, Norway hopes to expand this to larger aircrafts by 2025.

Amazon Alexa Coming to Hotel Rooms

Travelling can be stressful, constantly wondering if you forgot to pack your toothbrush. However, now Amazon Alexa is coming to hotel rooms in collaboration with Marriott. So, if you do arrive at your destination and it turns out you did leave your toothbrush behind, then there are no worries.
Just ask Alexa for one and a staff member at the hotel will bring you one! Taking a relaxing holiday to the next level.
Marriott will be the first major hotel chain to offer this service, however, if it is a success, it may be a hotel room feature we will start to see more regularly. The two motivations of this are to give consumers more of an idea of how the Alexa works in different ‘contexts’.
Secondly, this is meant to reduce the stress of travellers being in a new location with the goal of allowing their consumers to feel more comfortable.

Android Messaging Updates

This week, an update was rolled out, and Google released desktop support for Android Messages. This update will allow Android owners to send and receive Android Messages straight through their laptop or desktop devices.
In addition to this, images and stickers will be supported in an additional web version of this service. Android users are pleased with this update, however, this is said to rival Apple.

Disney Travel Experience

On Monday, Disney announced that they are updating their app in order to make travelling to and from their parks a more pleasurable experience.
With this update, visitors that use the theme park’s complimentary bus service will now be able to find out exactly when their bus will arrive through the My Disney Experience app.
If your bus isn’t available, the app will offer alternative routes or modes of transportation. This app update means less standing around for buses and more exploring what the parks and resorts have to offer. This app is available in the Apple store and Google Play.

That’s all for this week, be sure to come back next week for more of the latest in digital marketing and ecommerce…


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