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SaleCycle Likes This: Etsy, Instagram and the Royal Wedding


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Here’s our weekly round-up giving you a quick update on the latest and most interesting in the world of ecommerce and digital marketing.

Etsy Twitter Mentions

It was Mother’s Day on Sunday, meaning that mothers were being showered with gifts!
However, there were some gifts that stood out from the crowd on social media. Etsy scored the most mother’s day related mentions on Twitter.

The ecommerce site’s Twitter handle had more than 52,000 mentions regarding Mothers Day this year. It shows that consumers are loving the handmade and unique products that Etsy has to offer.

Burger King Instagram Stories

Burger King has recently been offering something unique to their Spanish consumers through their @BurgerKing_ES Instagram account. The food chain used the poll feature available on Instagram stories to allow their consumers to customize their own whopper burger.

Once the Instagram users had constructed their perfect whopper, they will be given promo codes to redeem their customized whopper! These codes ran out within three hours.

The account’s engagement spiked due to these stories with over 80% of the account’s followers engaging with these polls. In addition to this, Burger King Spain gained more than 5,000 in one day from this stunt.

As well as this, Burger King was able to determine the nation’s favourite burger combination based on the most popular choices. The “Instagram Whopper” is being sold for a limited period of time.

It seems that Instagram stories are the most effective way for brands to engage with their customers.

Kelloggs Royal Wedding Viewing Party

The royal wedding is this weekend, so understandably, brands are getting involved with the celebrations. Including Kellogg’s who are planning a royal wedding viewing party in their NYC cafe.

The viewing party will include a multi-course themed breakfast which includes twists on classic cereal and British treats. Some of the treats on offer are:

  • Stately Scones (A scone with froot loops)
  • Bars of Gold (Flapjacks with corn flakes)
  • Imperial Pudding (Bread and butter pudding with mini wheats)

As well as this, party attendees will be able to create their own fascinator accessory out of a cereal box.

However, don’t worry if you can’t make it as recipes and how-to videos are available at However, don’t forget to share your at home creates on social media with the hashtag #KelloggsNYC.

That’s all for this week, be sure to come back next week for more of the latest in digital marketing and ecommerce….


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