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SaleCycle Likes This: Waistcoat Fever and Image Shopping


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Here’s our weekly round-up giving you a quick update of the latest and most interesting in the world of ecommerce and digital marketing.

Waistcoat Fever

The topic on everyone’s lips this week has been the world cup! One brand massively benefitting from this is the high street brand Marks and Spencer, the official tailor of the England team.
M&S are cashing in on the England manager’s fashion choices by running a full-page ad in Metro newspaper on Gareth ‘style icon’ Southgate. Featuring his trademark striped tie and waistcoat.

M&S revealed at the start of the month that because of his classic waistcoat, sales had increased by 35%. So, it’s no wonder the trend was named ‘waistcoat fever’.
In addition to this, there has also been a surge of interest in waistcoats on Google since the start of the World Cup.
M&S also ran large digital ads at Wembley stadium reading “Bring it home” and #LuckyWaistcoat!

(Although the waistcoat did not seem to be as lucky as everyone hoped, it still brought M&S a lot of attention!)

Ebay Image Search

However, if Marks and Spencer has ran out of the waistcoat of your dreams, don’t worry!
As Ebay is now introducing the technology which allows you to shop the ecommerce site via images. Meaning that you can snap a picture of your dream waistcoat and be offered similar items that the site has to offer.
Shoppers using the online platform will be able to scour Ebay’s 1.1 billion items in search of something that they want. This is done through the pairing of the user’s smartphone with AI (artificial intelligence) technology from Ebay.

Snapchat Visual Product Search

Finally, for this week, Snapchat has been building something similar to Ebay’s new feature!
The messaging app is are working on a visual product search feature that will turn the camera within the app into a tool for searching Amazon’s ecommerce site.
This works by scanning a barcode on your Snapchat, then the data will be sent to Amazon, which gives the consumer an option to buy.
This is similar to the music identification service Shazam that the app already offers.

This is a way for Snapchat to expand the features of it’s app teaming to generate ecommerce revenue.
That’s all for this week, be sure to come back next week for more of the latest in digital marketing and ecommerce…

Holly Dawson