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Abandonment Surveys: Capturing Data, Delivering Insights


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Implementation Developer Marc Davison discusses a client’s use of abandonment surveys and how it has benefited performance.
Finding out first hand from a website’s visitor, the reason why they chose not to complete their order, can provide valuable feedback and ultimately convert more visitors into customers.

What We Did

[one_half]At SaleCycle we provided such a solution to an online travel company, that’s still delivering insightful feedback 6 months on. Looking at the data captured, we can see excellent interaction levels with the survey from the website’s visitors. [/one_half]
Taking the figures from June we could see that 514 people had been shown the survey, of which 43 people had completed, giving us a fantastic completion rate of over 8%. This figure has been consistent since the launch of the survey in February.

How We Did It

Such an excellent performance can be put down to a number of key factors taken into consideration during the development. Of course, the look and usability is a contributing factor to the survey’s performance. Alongside this, the level of design and branding of the survey is at the highest standard, as is expected from our great Design Team.
As the purpose of the survey is to discover why the visitor has decided not to continue the booking, we made sure the questions were specific to this. The first question is an invitation to tell us why you are leaving, with these 4 simple options;

  1. No real reason
  2. I do not want to book on the site
  3. I have a problem paying
  4. I need time to think

The point at which the survey is displayed, is of real significance. A trend I have witnessed on a number of websites is the introduction of a survey relating to its performance, when I first arrive. Personally, I don’t find this too useful, as it is impossible to build an opinion on a website when I haven’t even gone beyond the homepage!
Taking this into account, our abandonment survey is only displayed at the payment step of the checkout process. By displaying our survey at this point, we can be certain that the participants are showing intent to purchase.

“The point at which the survey is displayed, is of real significance.”

Marc Davison, SaleCycle

Finally, another factor in our abandonment OSR, was the length of the survey. Some online surveys leave you wondering where the time has gone as you get caught in a maze of endless questions, however, our survey keeps things short, sweet and easy to navigate through, as shown below.


With this information, we can see if the customer would have liked to pay in instalments, use a different payment method or if they are choosing to shop around. Knowing this vital feedback, a client is able to find out why a potential customer has abandoned. This allows them to be able to tailor and improve what their website has to offer for it’s visitors.
Thus, enhancing the user experience and customer journey, leading to higher conversion rates.

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