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[Infographic] Booking Abandonment – Why People Abandon Their Booking

[Infographic] Booking Abandonment – Why People Abandon Their Booking


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The travel industry spends billions of dollars every year on their conversion rate optimisation strategy and driving traffic to their websites, yet 81% of visitors leave before completing their booking. SaleCycle decided to take it upon themselves to tackle this problem and figure out the root of this conundrum!
For marketers working in online travel – whether it be an airline, hotel, online traveling agent, cruise or car rental brand, booking abandonment can be a real hassle. Especially if those abandoning consumers don’t return to complete their bookings.
Out to solve the greatest of predicaments, SaleCycle embarked on the first survey of its kind, to ask and figure out why it is that we abandon our bookings.

The Results

Before you take a look at our pretty infographic with the headline results (you already took a glance at it, haven’t you?!), here are a couple of things to note about the audience surveyed:

  • 86% of people said they typically make their travel bookings online – with the rest preferring to book in person or by telephone
  • Our lovely responders were in 12 countries across the globe, with the US, UK and Australia covering 64% of all responses

And here’s what they said:

Booking Abandonment Infographic


Unsurprisingly, the most commonly cited reason for abandonment was that consumers were ‘not ready yet’ to book and was still in the process of ‘just looking.’
This trend is common in shopping cart abandonment too, with consumers using the checkout page as a way of creating ‘wish lists’ and building up an idea of what their dream purchases would be.
Price plays a huge part in the booking journey (hey, we all love a bargain right?) and a large proportion of responders highlighted they wanted to compare prices elsewhere before completing their booking.
This was stressed even further when asked ‘where’ and what point in the journey people were likely to abandon, with over half citing the moment they are shown the total price.

It’s not all bad news though. A staggering 87% of consumers responded that they would search for the booking again, with 46% saying they would do so within 24 hours of abandoning the booking.
So I have to admit, all this booking-talk makes me want to book a vacation… Vegas anyone?

Want to see what you can do to reduce booking abandonment and reconnect with visitors once they’ve left your site? Click on the button below and head on over to our free on-demand webinar, Why Your Visitors Aren’t Booking (yet), to get the inside scoop!

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