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You Want Me to Send How Many Emails?

You Want Me to Send How Many Emails?


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Nick Codero, Head of Strategic Sales, investigates multi-cycle emails. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…
Unless you are living under a rock you are either already working with a provider that helps you retarget customers with remarketing emails after abandonment or you are looking into it. Now that you have started down your path of enlightenment or are looking into what can I do more with my current campaign you are thinking well one email works great, two emails work better, what would 3 emails do….
I know what you are thinking… “I get that we would want to send one email, I can even see two emails, but 3 emails now this is just off the chain.” It’s something that people ask me all the time “What is my return on a 2nd or even a 3rd email if I add this to my campaign. “Will my customers mind? I really don’t want to “spam” them with sends….”.

Recommending Recommendations!

At SaleCycle, we’d never recommend you to do something you don’t feel comfortable with and you know your brand better than anyone, however we have seen from our current customers that there is little to no resistance and that there is more benefits to be had by sending this 3rd message.

Three Is The Magic Number

For example one of our customers Fishwest is sending a 1st (30min), 2nd (24hrs.) and 3rd (5 days) Cycle. Fishwest have made the 3rd Cycle a more customer service centered email. They are currently seeing a 2% conversion rate off of this 3rd Cycle with nothing more than copy that is a gentle reminder of their service.
Also PLNDR is currently using a 3rd Cycle remarketing email being sent out 2 days after the first abandonment. PLNDR have changed their creative and represented the original abandoned items. Now they are enjoying a 22% increase to their campaign in conversions based on the 1st Cycle’s numbers.
As you can see there are multiple ways to present the customer with another call to action to help increase the numbers. If this sounds interesting please contact your account manager today or contact us here.


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