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[Infographic] 5 Useful Insights on E-commerce Across The Globe


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SaleCycle’s Philip Docherty presents an infographic with a whole host of global stats!
It’s no news that the appetite for global e-commerce is big. Like 1.7 trillion dollars big. And in a race to grab a piece of the pie, e-commerce brands have turned their attention to improving the overall customer experience to support and drive sales.
But in order to deliver the best possible online experience, you must first know who your customers are and how they behave online. So we decided to take a snapshot of e-commerce trends across the globe, to examine who is buying what, where and how.
Cart Abandonment Across the Globe - SaleCycle

What Do We Know Now?

Asia Pacific is the top spender, while Europe has the greatest percent of online shoppers. And as 42% of the world’s online consumers look to jet away on that eagerly awaited vacation, we’re also starting to see the impact of mobile commerce, with the increasing number of consumers slowly catching the forever-faithful desktop user. With that being said, global abandonment rates are also rising, and that poses a problem for any online outlet, so what can be done?
With consumers coming online in mass across the globe, the number of people abandoning their purchase is growing at a formidable pace. The reasons for these abandonments are endless, ranging from payment problems, to unexpected delivery costs; and lets be honest, we’ve all done it!
So with the hope to tackle these obstacles, marketers across the globe are striving to do all they can to improve the online shopping experience. But with a rising average global abandonment rate in the region of 76%, there has never been a better time to take a stronghold of the opportunity.

All Is Not Lost

As abandonment rates rise, naturally so does the opportunity for retailers across the globe to recoup millions in lost sales via remarketing strategies. And as stated in the infographic, the forever growing number of Internet and mobile users indicate the future is big for e-commerce. (And I mean BIG!)
While email remains at the forefront of a marketer’s arsenal, there are so many new and innovative ways to reconnect with your customers – so now is the time to act.
Want a piece of the pie? Join the likes of Panasonic, Virgin Atlantic and DKNY and create a truly remarkable remarketing campaign. Request a demo today today and see what magic we can create together.
Editors, writers and fellow e-commerce enthusiasts: You’re welcome to use this data on your own website, provided it is attributed prominently with a link back to this page. Thank you!

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