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[Infographic] The Remarketing Report – Q1 2016

[Infographic] The Remarketing Report – Q1 2016


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Our latest infographic summarizing the key shopping cart abandonment and booking abandonment stats from the last quarter and corresponding email, on-site and SMS remarketing rates.

Taken from a consolidation of results from over 500 global brands, our quarterly remarketing report looks at all the key cart abandonment and remarketing stats from January, February and March 2016.

Great news for marketers. We’ve had another quarter of shifting abandonment rates, with every region across the globe showing a decrease in the number of people exiting sites without converting.
The Q1 2016 Remarketing Report
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Global Abandonment Rates Are Decreasing

The abandonment rates our clients experience have shown a steady decline from 76.6% in Q3 last year, 75.45% in Q4, and now sitting at just over 74%. There are a huge number of factors contributing to this trend but we’ve pulled out a few below that are having a big impact.

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Website Personalization

An uptake in on-site remarketing and on-site personalization has contributed to the declining abandonment rate.

On-site remarketing has proven to be extremely effective at preventing abandonment, by showing relevant, personalised content when visitors need it most.HP (1)

Greater Customer Insights

Marketers are becoming more and more aware of their customers needs and wants online.

By actioning feedback from customer surveys and purchasing data, marketers are able to provide better customer experiences online through better interfaces and benefits.


Market Maturity

The lowest abandonment rates are seen in markets with online maturity such as North America and Europe. In these regions, online shopping is all about increasing the convenience for consumers.

The markets with less developed e-commerce technologies are where we’re seeing slightly higher rates of abandonment.Amazon

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