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[Webinar] 42% of Cart Abandoners Want More Information – So What's Next?


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Hubspot has revealed that 42% of consumers who abandon their shopping cart said they need more information before they are ready to make a purchase. Enter the power of remarketing and user-generated content…
There are dozens of studies out there on the reasons for shopping cart abandonment. Many are motivated by a sales angle like; ‘People abandon because of poor shipping. Use us for better shipping!’. However, the latest infographic by our friends at Hubspot and Voucher Cloud provides great insights.
There was one stat on the page that really jumped out at me:
Working out how much product information to give customers on your website is a tough balancing act. You want to educate and inform but without overloading them and spoiling the user experience.

Teasing With Reviews

Reviews are a perfect middle ground. You can tease in a sample of reviews (with more available on click) and because other consumers write them, the content can help to address the questions that any would-be consumer might have.


People will always believe the words of other buyers far more than they will your own slick marketing speak, so it stands to reason that this kind of content would work well in our remarketing campaigns.
We convinced a couple of our clients to give it a go with their campaigns, and sure enough, it works! We’ve even incorporated it in our B2B efforts here at SaleCycle… the results are pretty fascinating.

So Save This Date!

I’ll be walking through these stories during a free webinar on Wednesday 8th July, alongside a much smarter gentleman than myself, Deepak Janakiraman, Chief Product Officer at Reevoo (the kings of reviews and user-generated content).
It’s only going to be 20 minutes long (we promise!). So, make yourself a coffee, join us, and see how we’ve helped some of those 42% of abandoners who just wanted a little more information.


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