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[Animation] The REAL Toy Story


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Smyth’s Toys and SaleCycle teamed up to look at shopping cart abandonment from a slightly different perspective…
With $3 trillion dollars worth of revenue set to be abandoned in 2014, most retailers are well aware of the challenges faced thanks to shopping cart abandonment. BUT does anyone take the time to spare a thought for the stuff being abandoned?!
Presented by SaleCycle and Smyths, this is the heroic story of two brave toys, abandoned in a store…

Smyths & SaleCycle: The Real Toy Story

Shopping cart abandonment is a huge challenge in retail with rates growing year-on-year and almost three in every four online purchases being abandoned in the first half of 2014.
Recognizing the massive opportunity cost at hand, Smyths Toys partnered with SaleCycle to develop an email remarketing campaign to reconnect with their customers who abandon online.
The campaign has been a great success with huge numbers of customers appreciating the timely, fun-spirited nature of the emails and making returning to the website to complete their purchase a breeze, ensuring that no toy is left behind! 🙂


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