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Behavioral Segmentation Helps HP Increase Conversions

Behavioral Segmentation Helps HP Increase Conversions


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In his latest blog, Marketing Assistant Matt Anderson sits down with Account Growth Manager Caroline Oswald to discuss the awesome work we have been doing with tech giant, HP!
HP develops a huge amount of hardware and software products, for both business and consumer customers. So it was brilliant for Matt to find our more about our relationship with them…

Q So let’s start by discussing what it is SaleCylce do with HP…

A We provide HP with a holistic solution to increase their online sales. The solution is designed around their current business needs and strategy. We deliver it through intelligent On-Site and E-Mail messages that we have tailored specifically to suit their customer.

Q Great! What would you say is the most unique aspect of HP’s campaign?

A We are really flexible with our campaigns, so whether it is strategic segmentation or a specific promotional drive we work hand in hand with the client to deliver on the goal. The way that we use segmentation and targeting differs in each campaign, depending on what the goal is.
I loved the recent promotional OSR campaign that we delivered for HP, not only was it Star Wars themed but the design was also outstanding (Thanks to our exceptionally talented design team!)…

Q Wow, that’s awesome! I bet that was a, errm… ‘force-ful’ campaign!

A It really was amazing and demonstrated beautifully our creative approach to a client brief!

Q Is this the only time that we have used segmentation with HP?

A No, not at all! This is something that we implement throughout all of our campaigns with every client, we do this by showing different messages dependent on set criteria. With HP, for example, if a customer was looking at business products and then abandoned, they would receive an email tailored towards this and vice versa with consumer products.
We also tailor the type of OSR message that they receive, If the number is compelling enough, we show a ‘Consumer Trends’ message which displays how many people are looking at the product at that moment in time. If this number is below a certain level, the ‘Email my Basket’ message will appear allowing a consumer to enter their email address, to which they will be sent the content of their basket to convert later, along with product USPs to try and drive the conversion in session.
It is all about Personalization at the end of the day.

Q That sounds great and like we can be very flexible to the clients needs…

A Of course, it means that we can ensure that customers are receiving EMR and OSR messages that are specific to them. This is important as it is proven to increase conversion rate, plus there is nothing worse than seeing or receiving messages that you aren’t interested in!

“It has been great being able to use segmentation with our campaigns, as it as helped to improve our customer’s online experience.”

Q Tell me about it, it’s so annoying! That personalization must help a lot…

A It is and the focus that the Client Services team put on recognizing the right segments is what makes it so valuable. Then we run split tests to ensure that every change we make provides a positive impact. A latest test showing almost a 10% increase in conversions in a template including multiple items as opposed to just one. This statistical analysis from our dedicated Client Services team is something that serves to heighten our knowledge and ability to do our very best for all of our client base.

Q Great! Segmentation is something that we have discussed quite a lot today, do you feel it is something that we can do more of?

A Absolutely, it is vital for companies to do this to get the best out of our products. We are always coming up with new and innovative ways to segment that will deliver significant returns to our clients.
One thing I would say is that the more we can see on a website, for example information in a data layer, the more intelligence we can add to a campaign. There are also possibilities to integrate with a Client’s CRM systems in order to garner intel from there and apply it to the campaigns we run!

! Lovely stuff. We’ve talked about some great stuff regarding the HP campaign today. Finally, I’d like to know what it’s like to work with one of the world’s biggest IT companies?

A Great! Just as you’d expect they’re proactive and efficient. They also know how to challenge us and keep us on our toes, just as it should be!
Aside from this they are extremely friendly and adventurous, in fact one of our key contacts there has recently climbed Kilimanjaro!

Wow, that’s impressive, rather her than me. Thank you very much for your time Caroline, that was a fantastic insight into this campaign!

Next time you’re thinking of treating yourself to a new laptop why not see what HP has to offer.


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