Request A Demo – Three is the Magic Number


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A look at’s brilliant multi-cycle email remarketing campaign…
There’s no quicker and easier way to boost recovered revenue on your campaign than to implement another email remarketing cycle. SaleCycle allows our clients to send up to 3 emails in response to a customer abandonment in order to help recover their cart.
Recently, my colleague Nick Cordero shared his blog ‘If at first you don’t succeed‘, showing how multiple cycles have helped to significantly improve campaign conversion.

Is Three Better Than One?

I wanted to further prove that 3 Cycles are better than 1 by sharing a success story from one of my clients. MADE.COM are an online retailer taking on the high street to offer customers original furniture design at affordable prices.
SaleCycle began working with MADE in October 2013 and have since worked on many testing projects in order to optimise the campaign and email templates. MADE discovered that their 2nd Cycle email remarketing campaign was helping to increase their conversions by significantly.  With this in mind, they decided to add a 3rd Cycle email to find out if those figures could be improved even more.
Here is how each cycle is constructed:

In order to set the 3rd Cycle email apart from the initial two, MADE decided to remove the header image from the top of the email. By making this small and simple change, customers are now able to view their personalised basket without the need to scroll down the email. This gives the remarketing email a much more basket orientated feel, along with a transactional approach.
Here are how the three emails look:

So what were the results?

After only two weeks of the 3rd Cycle email being in place, MADE saw conversions increase considerably, and this cycle alone accounted for a huge amount of their overall conversions. If MADE had remained complacent with a 1 Cycle campaign, they could be potentially losing out on almost half of their basket cart recoveries… they didn’t, and that’s why it’s one of my favourite email remarketing campaigns!

If this is enough proof for you that 3 Cycles are better than one, contact your SaleCycle Account Manager today or contact us here for more information.