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Meet the Marketer: Matalan


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In our latest Meet The Marketer, we caught up with Marcus Fairbrother at Matalan for 7 Questions in 7 Minutes.

Q What drew you to Matalan?

A There’s a buzz and an urgency to value retailing that you just don’t seem to get in the high ticket market. I enjoy delivering new initiatives at pace, and Matalan have been good in backing new ideas to drive competitive edge.

Q What’s your favourite thing about your job?

A I’d liken my job to the job Tom Hanks has in Big. Essentially I get to play with all the new toys and dream up new ideas, so no day’s ever the same. The team are quite receptive of my terrible dad jokes, which makes life easier all round.

Q You guys have some amazing products – Any favourites?

A We’re big on buying into seasonal trends, and I bought some of the Seascape collection from the homeware area recently. I’d say the lanterns were a particular favourite.
I tend to chop and change my mind a lot, so it’s nice to have a refresh every now and then.

Matalan Seascape
Matalan’s Seascape Website

Q What made you want to start your remarketing programme?

A Basket abandonment is a common shopping habit that we all do. At time of writing I’ve actually got several baskets open on a few sites that for one reason or another I haven’t got around to completing.
We’d spoken with a number of agencies, and arrived at teaming up with SaleCycle as their approach was very simple and could be turned around within a tight timeline. I’d seen some Look Book examples that the team had produced for other clients, and was impressed by the non-pushy nature of the format.

Matalan Creative
Matalan’s successful Email Remarketing creative

Q Has the success of the programme surprised you?

A I’d say that we set out with a target in mind, and the programme delivered on our expectations. It’s been interesting to view the common items that cause abandonment, and to drill into the underlying reasons.

Q What are the key elements that make the campaign so successful?

A Timing and simplicity. I’m always on the lookout for quick-win conversion solutions, and basket retargeting is an effective area that can leverage significant uplifts with very little resource commitment.


Q And finally… do you have anything fun planned for the summer holidays?

A Just a nice chilled one before the madness of peak trading kicks in! I keep having a recurring dream about winning the Euromillions too, so with any luck its a premonition.
Thanks for your time Marcus – Check out Matalan’s latest collection online at
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