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Meet the Marketer: Smyths Toys


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We caught up with Dryden Geary, Marketing Manager at Smyths Toys, for 7 Questions in 7 Minutes.
Anyone in the UK or Ireland who has children (or younger family) will be able to tell you exactly where their nearest Smyths Superstore is. With 70 stores and a thriving online presence, Smyths is a leader in children’s entertainment and a regular life saver when it comes to birthdays and christmas!
We wanted to find out more about the brains behind the marketing and so had a brew (Irish of course!) with Smyths’ likeable Marketing Manager, Dryden Geary.

Meet the Marketer - Part 1 - About Your Job - Smyths Toys

Q Let’s kick off with an easy one Dryden, what’s your favorite thing about your job?

My wonderful team of course! I worked in the gambling industry for 10 years prior to joining the toy industry so it was a bit of a step change. It’s great to see products that the buying team take a risk on proving to be big hits with the kids at Christmas.   

Q We loved those Robo Puppies last Xmas! What are you excited about in the next 6 months?

A We’ve a big brand TVC launching in October, I can’t wait to see the impact of that. And of course our new winter catalogue comes out on September 19th – 300 pages of toys and fun.

Q Wow, 300 pages of toys… sounds awesome. Any personal favorites?

A I love the new Razor Crazy Cart we’re carrying and as a father to two young girls I have to say that our new Our Generation range of dolls is simply fantastic.

Meet the Marketer - Part 2 - About the Campaign - Smyths Toys

Q On to the marketing stuff, what made you want to start your email remarketing programme?

A In all honesty, I viewed it as a quick win as it was an area we hadn’t focused on previously.

Q You guys have had some fantastic results. Has the success of the campaign surprised you?

A Definitely – The whole campaign has run very smoothly for us and we’ve learnt a lot about our entire business from the data and results.

Q Always good to hear! What are the key elements that make the campaign so successful?

A Simplicity is key. It’s a nice soft sell and we attempt to make a customers life easier as opposed to being another annoying email in the inbox.

Meet the Marketer - Part 3 - About You - Smyths Toys

Q And finally… You’re hosting a dream dinner party, who are your three guests?

A My beautiful wife of course, Tiger Woods and Lennox Lewis.

Q We hope your wife doesn’t mind sports chat! Thanks for your time Dryden.

Hit the link below to watch our animation, ‘The Abandoned Toys’, telling the story of two toys abandoned in a Smyths Store and their quest to find a new home…

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