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Meet the Marketer: Ebookers


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In this latest edition of Meet the Marketer, Matt Anderson was lucky enough to sit down with Head of Performance Marketing at ebookers, Ed Goldswain!
Ebookers work with over 250 airlines and more than 110,000 hotels, making them a global, online travel agent that helps to find their clients the perfect holidays, all over the world. Pretty impressive eh!
We asked Ed 7 questions in 7 minutes and the insight was brilliant…


Q First things first Ed, what drew you to ebookers?

A The chance to work at a large European OTA and get experience marketing multiple travel products, over and above the hotel experience I had.

Q Great, that sounds like you have a vast experience in this field. So what does the Head of Performance Marketing do on a day-to-day basis and what’s your favorite thing about this job?

A Aside from a fair amount of team and budget management, and internal meetings. The role offers a chance to work closely and share ideas with a variety of partners across multiple channels, with the ultimate goal of improving both the transaction volume and spend efficiency across these partners.
I think my favorite thing about the role is that as online marketing continues to develop there’s always something new to test and to learn – it never gets boring.

Q Very true, and it’s certainly not boring! So on this topic, what trends in the industry are you seeing that excite you the most?

A The shift to mobile is a trend that’s been around a few years, but we’re now at the tipping point where on some days more transactions happen on mobile devices than desktop.
The past 12 months or so we’ve been making use of increasingly sophisticated first party data to target and refine messaging to potential customers. Targeting capabilities continue to develop to ever more granular levels, with the key being to serve the right message, at the right time, to the right person.
In online travel we see the continued growth of meta as an efficient acquisition channel for Hotel customers, and for our large hotel meta partners an ever-increasing complexity of how we work with them – using dozens of data points from across the business, to make daily bidding decisions for hundreds of thousands of hotels.


Q Moving on to the Remarketing Programme, what made you want to start working with us?

A The desire to retarget our non-converting users had been there for some time, but internal development bandwidth was a blocker.
Once we realized there were companies like SaleCycle offering a plug and play technology it was a no-brainer to test

Q Glad that we could help out. Has the success of the campaign surprised you at all?

A Not really, as it makes sense that with some prompting with a right message, customers who were very close to buying something will go on to make the purchase. What was surprising, was the ease of set up.

Q The ease of the set up process is something that we are extremely happy to hear about. What key elements do you think contributed to this successful campaign?

Spending some time at the start of the campaign to get the set up right – ensuring the right customers are getting the right messages at the right point in the purchase cycle. From then on it’s all about testing – send times, title, creatives etc.

“What was surprising, was the ease of set up.”
Ed Goldswain, ebookers.

Q And finally… let’s talk holidays! What’s the best place you’ve been, the next place your visiting, and where’s top of your wish list?

A I’m still a backpacker at heart, and always try to fit a long trip in between jobs. Best place is a tricky one – possibly Namibia or Argentina for epic road trips. With two toddlers these days it’s all about convenience, so even though Japan’s top of the wish list it may be a while before we make it there!

Sounds like you have some amazing travelling experiences yourself, definitely well suited to working for a travel company! Thank you very much for your time Ed.

If you’re eyeing up some travelling, check out what ebookers can offer for you.
You can also check out more from Ed in the video below;
Ed explains why email remarketing has become so important to one of Europe’s largest online travel agents and how it has helped ebookers both increase their online sales and improve customer experiences in the process.


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