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Meet the Marketer: FCP


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For our latest Meet The Marketer, SaleCycle caught up with Alex Frank at FCP for 7 Questions in 7 Minutes.

Q Let’s start with a bit about yourself Alex… What attracted you to FCP?

Social media. Originally the work I was looking for was purely social, but even before my first real interview with FCP we had already addressed a re-Branding, video, building an audience of DIYers that aren’t afraid to ask for help, and wearing sandals to work. its hard to say no to a job like that.

Q What’s your favorite thing about your job?

We’ve made it clear that FCP are here to make lives easier. Auto repair is expensive, time consuming, and often intimidating. I fall right in line when I say my favorite thing about my job is enabling people to self-repair, or at least help them understand what happens on the other side of the garage doors at a repair shop. I’d Be lying if I didn’t also say I’m incredibly appreciative that we make the expense and effort our customers have to put into their repair quite a bit more bearable.

Q Moving onto the marketing side of things, What made you want to start sending cart abandonment emails?

We’ve always tracked our conversion funnel, we found higher bounces on specific pages, most notably the cart pages. We A/B tested our layout & design then began our cart abandonment campaign. We’ve gone through several iterations of that campaign since we started, but we’ve always been happy with the results we’ve seen.

Get Back In Gear... FCP's clean basket abandonment email has achieved great results.
“Get Back In Gear” FCP’s customer service tone has achieved great results.

Q Has the success of the programme surprised you?

Surprised? Not really. More like confirmed our hypotheses, which is better in my opinion, We worked hard to build a campaign we thought would engage our customers and saw that it often did. Occasionally the success of the campaigns on certain days, after certain tests will surprise us, but on the whole its a well built, reliable conversion machine.

Q What are the key elements that make the campaign successful?

It’s two-fold:
First, build a design that reflects the standards set by your site, make it simpler & better. Arguably you’ve got more creative flexibility in emails as they’re not indexed by search engine, lay it out as simple as possible with your COA clear and click-able. Build trust in your product and let your customers convert with satisfaction.
Second, A/B test the sh*t out of it. Now, we’re not excluding ourselves from any criticism here as we admittedly don’t A/B test as often as we used to since we’ve come across some results we’ve been quite happy with, However, if your not testing campaigns, your BEST one will never be as good as it could be.

Q What are your favorite sites online to buy from?

Recently I’ve fallen in love with They’ve got one of the most beautiful, usable, and fast loading site I’ve ever seen. They’ll load a fully usable browse page in under a second (like FCP *Not so subtle brag*) and look great in the process. They’re not responsive, but they didn’t forget smaller screens. Their mobile platform works just as well as their desktop.

Alex’s favorite

Q And finally… What are your plans for the Summer Holidays?

I was thinking about putting on a hat, it might be sunny.
Thanks for your time Alex.

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