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Meet the Marketer: Hertz

Meet the Marketer: Hertz


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We grabbed 7 minutes for 7 questions with Khadidja Konate, Online Affiliate and Display Manager at Hertz!
With car rental locations in over 150 countries across the globe, Hertz is a giant in the travel industry always looking to delight their customers. Their partnership with SaleCycle has been going for over a year, so we caught up with Khadidja to get her thoughts on the campaign so far.


QFirstly Khadidja, what drew you to Hertz?

A I first started working in affiliate marketing for an e-commerce company, and I wanted to improve my skills by working in London. I was offered the opportunity to work at Hertz, and as I’m fond of travel, I knew it would be a great experience.
Plus, Hertz is a globally recognized brand with many exciting challenges when managing the affiliate program for the whole of Europe.

QThat sounds like a great step, so what does an Online Affiliate and Display Manager do on a day-to-day basis and what’s your favorite thing about your job?

A My role is to basically bring qualified traffic to the Hertz website. I mainly work on establishing the strategy for the affiliate program and display advertising.
I need to make sure my affiliates get all the information they need to promote our brand and generate transactions. There are also a lot of operational tasks I’m executing to make sure all campaigns are set up properly.

“I was looking for new opportunities to improve our affiliate program and remarketing was the solution that would not only do this but also enhance the entire customer experience.”

Khadidja Konate, Hertz

It’s a multitasking job that requires a lot of flexibility as I’m dealing with several stakeholders. One of the most important things in my job is to manage relationships with my different business partners, and this is what I like the most.

QA people-person, we like them! What trends in the industry do you see that excite you the most?

A Having a holistic view of the customer lifecycle and being able to trigger the right ad or to use the right channel at the right touch point at the right time.


QYes, that improved view of a customer’s journey provides so much opportunity for digital marketing. What made you want to start your remarketing program?

A I was looking for new opportunities to improve our affiliate program and remarketing was the solution that would not only do this but also enhance the entire customer experience.

QAh, I see it ties in nicely with your view of the customer lifecycle then. Has the success of the campaign surprised you?

A We were not expecting such good results from SaleCycle. It jumped to be a top-performing partner just a few months after starting!

QThat’s good to hear! What key elements do you think to make the campaign successful?

A We had no remarketing program before, and we did not have anything in place for basket recovery. So, the fact that it was so easy and quick to get set up with SaleCycle was great.


QMusic to our ears, we try and make it as little fuss as possible to get started. And finally… you, your best car rental and 2 weeks; where would your dream road-trip be and who’d be your perfect passenger?

A Well, I have a lot of road trips in mind. But the one I’m dreaming about currently is a road trip in Namibia. I’ve heard the landscape is lunar in some places and the opposite just a few miles away. It’s like being in a dream and jumping in and out of different universes!
The wildlife is amazing, and the people are nice. I would be happy to go with my friends. We are a group of travelers, and I would be delighted to share this new adventure with them.
Even if we are not living in same countries and continents, we always find a way to make trips together!

Wow, that sounds fascinating – keep us in mind if a space comes available in your car! Thanks for your time Khadidja. Check out the next time you’re in need of a rental car.
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