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Meet the Marketer: OFFICE Shoes


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In the first of a new series, we bring you insight from some of the world’s leading brands who send basket abandonment emails.
We grabbed a cup of tea for 7 questions in 7 minutes with Scott Taylor at OFFICE Shoes…

Q Let’s start with the businessy stuff Scott… What drew you to OFFICE Shoes?

A It’s one of the leading fashion retailers in the UK, with a great heritage. I’d heard such great things about the company, and it’s great to get on board with a sophisticated environment that’s always actively willing to progress.

Q Ticks every box…!  What made you want to start sending basket abandonment emails?

A We realised that there was a proportion of customers who showed a keen interest in the OFFICE Shoes brand, and willing to make a purchase. This was a great method to target potential brand advocates.

Q Sounds like a no-brainer!  Has the success surprised you though?

A I thought that the response would be very good, but was surprised at how high the KPI’s were, and how consistent they have been from the start of the campaign.

Q Good to hear.  Right, what about you, they say you can judge a man by his shoes.  How would we judge you?

Also available in Pink...
Also available in Pink…

A Being a former country boy my shoes are traditional and classic. I try and keep my Hunter Wellies on until early summer!

Q A classic, nice.  Do you own any trainers you’re ashamed of…?

A I once bought a pair (I won’t name the brand) that were camouflage in illuminated pink, green and blue. Anybody who knows me, would tell you I just couldn’t pull them off. They still live in the box.

Q We want pictures…!! How many shoes do you own?

A I actually only own 8, which still sounds quite a lot. But trust me, a lot of guys at our HQ own a lot more.

Q Trust me, my girlfriend owns about 80!  Finally, in the spirit of winding back up again after the holidays… What’s your favourite Christmas song?

A It has to be ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’, how amazing would that be?

! That would be pretty damn cool – Thanks for your time Scott.

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