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Meet The Marketer: PartyLite


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We caught up with Heather Osborne, Ecommerce Business Development Manager at PartyLite, for 7 Questions in 7 Minutes.
For over 40 years, PartyLite has been the world’s #1 candle party company, selling an awesome array of candles and decor across 23 different countries. This global leader has recently gone on to tackle the B2C marketplace and is making sparks fly in the e-commerce realm.
We wanted to find out more about the brains behind their digital marketing success, so we grabbed a quick drink with Ecommerce Business Development Manager, Heather Osborne, to get the inside scoop…


Q Let’s start with a little bit about you Heather… what attracted you to PartyLite?

A The challenge! I was somewhat blasé in my previous role, so when I stumbled upon the opportunity at PartyLite I was hooked. While PartyLite as a brand has been around for 42 years, their e-commerce store focusing on B2C is just over a year old. I jumped at the chance to take what I know (and 99% of my career has been digital marketing) and apply it to this new business segment.

Q A start-up role at an established company, I love it! So I’m sure there are several things… but what’s your favorite part of your job?

A Oh man, you’re right, so many things… but I guess my favorite is just being part of all the “new” initiatives going on here at PartyLite. Things that we in the digital marketing world would probably consider the norm, but they are happening here for the first time. It’s very exciting to introduce a new service that has an incredible impact on sales and site conversions (i.e., SaleCycle!)


Q That’s awesome, I’m so glad that we can be a part of those new initiatives! And it’s a perfect segway to my next question… What made you want to start your On-Site Remarketing program?

A We didn’t have a remarketing program that captured the user before they left our site. I actually interviewed talking about an on-site strategy, so to see it come to an executable state is really cool – not to mention the recovered revenue we’ve seen!

Q Yes, I’ve snuck a peek at your dashboard, you guys have had some fantastic results! Has the success of the program surprised you at all?

A Yes and no. I knew the power behind SaleCycle having launched Email Remarketing with a brand in a completely different vertical, so I knew that this would be incredibly impactful. We’re very pleased with how the On-Site Remarketing program has been able to take users on our site and convert them to buyers.


Q Now that’s music to my ears! What do you think are the key elements that make the campaign so successful

A As a brand, being flexible about where you capture the user in the buying funnel is crucial. While a transaction is the goal, keeping users engaged on your site is also important. With On-Site, we’re giving the user another reason to stay – i.e., directing them to a new product line or an outlet/discount area they may not have seen originally.


Q Engagement really is the key! Ok now just a few fun questions… you work in e-commerce day in and day out… what are your favorite sites to buy from?

A Let’s see…if we’re not counting Amazon… Under Armour, J.Crew, and Express are pretty regular names that show up on my credit card statement. I also have a fondness for smaller boutiques like – I’m a sucker for their prints and that their products are handmade in the US.

Q And finally… one of my favorite questions to ask… If you were a drink, what would you be and why?

A Hmmm, this may actually be the toughest question of the interview… I would say, probably something mixed, like a Mojito, because I do like to stir things up!

Excellent drink choice! Thanks for your time Heather, cheers!



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