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Meet the Marketer: Skiddoo


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For our latest in the Meet the Marketer series, we sat down with Katie Meade-King, Digital Marketing Manager at Skidoo for 7 questions in 7 minutes.
We spoke to Katie about the role she plays in making dream holidays a reality.
Skiddoo is an online travel agency, founded on the belief that travelling is the fuel for happiness. Recently launching a website in Singapore, Skiddoo are helping more travellers discover new places, cultures and people!


Q So Katie, what was it that attracted you to working at Skiddoo?

A I love working in online travel and that’s where a lot of my previous experience has been. So the opportunity to launch a new brand in Singapore was very exciting.
I also get to look at holidays all day and get free flights which is pretty good too!

Q Ha, yeah that must be really tough! Can you tell me a bit more about Skiddoo and their launch in Singapore?

A Skiddoo was started in Australia and has been in Sydney since 2010. Philippines was our second office, and now we are in Singapore. We launched our website in Singapore in September and in the near future we will be opening Skiddoo Hong Kong and Thailand. We want to make it really simple for travellers to access great deals for holidays and discover the world.
In 2016 we will be launching a site with new features that other OTAs don’t have to help with this, which is pretty exciting too.

Q And I’m sure that will keep you busy too! What do you think is the best part of your role there?

A It is really varied. We’re a small team in Singapore, so I get to dabble in every part of the marketing we do. We only launched in September and we’ve advertised on the MRT, buses, worked with bloggers and influencers, and all of the online activity as well.
As everyone knows, digital marketing is an exciting space to work in, constantly evolving, so I get to do everything from setting up our online campaigns to working on partnerships with big e-commerce companies. It keeps me busy but a lot of fun too.

Q And I guess you’re seeing the brand come to life here, knowing it’s from all of your hard work!

Yes exactly.


Q I know the Singapore market is still relatively new for Skiddoo, but have you already noticed any trends in the market or popular destinations?

A From what we’re seeing it’s mainly short hauls – people going to visit family and friends over long weekends or holiday periods. I have noticed there are a lot of shopping cities as well, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur are quite popular. We are also seeing more long haul now as people go away over the Christmas break.

Q Escaping the heat for a white Christmas perhaps. You’re currently running an email remarketing campaign with us. Have you been surprised by the results you’ve seen already?

A I’ve worked with SaleCycle before in a previous role so I wouldn’t say surprised, as I already knew that it was highly effective. You’ve got a really good team and the service you provide is great. It’s still early days, having just launched, but it’s going as well as can be expected.

“The analytics and insights SaleCycle offer us are things we wouldn’t be able to get on our end. That’s invaluable really.
Katie Meade-King, Skiddoo

Q Even though the campaign is relatively new I know you’re already looking at optimizations, and you have just launched on-site remarketing alongside your email campaign. What aspect of the campaign do you think is working well?

A Honestly I think it is the support from Allan and your team. The creativity of the team is really good and the analytics and insights SaleCycle offer us are things we wouldn’t be able to get on our end. That’s invaluable really. So now we’re starting to use these insights to improve things moving forward.
Also, with flights there is a bit of a longer purchase decision. A lot of people won’t just book right away, so it’s good to be able to have the email in their inbox to coax them as well.
A nice reminder to keep the holiday on their mind.


Q And finally.. Which destination is on the top of your travel list?

A North of Chang Mai there is an Elephant conservation reserve where you can go and help look after Elephants that have been used for tourist rides. Once they’re older they get released there and you can go and feed them and wash them. I’d really like to go and work there so that’s something I’m looking to do next year.

It’s a great answer to that question! Thank you so much for your time.

If you’re in need of a holiday why not jump across to Skiddoo to get some inspiration, and awesome travel deals.
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