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Meet The Marketer: SuperBreak


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We grabbed 7 minutes for 7 questions with David Haynes, Online Conversion Manager at SuperBreak!
With over 30 years of experience, SuperBreak are the short break specialists, pooling their knowledge, experience and passion to power everything they do. Having launched with SaleCycle 6 months ago, we caught up with David to find out how he’s finding us!


Q Firstly, what drew you to SuperBreak?

A Initially the industry. Travel is an exciting and competitive vertical, and SuperBreak has some really big ambitions so when I spoke to them, I saw a great opportunity to try some new things and score some big wins.
They also have great fruit here!

Q Healthy! What does your day-to-day role entail and what’s your favorite thing about your job?

A Testing, testing, and a bit more testing. Some of this is project driven, which includes everything from propositional development onwards, but what I really love is the pace and impact of A/B testing. Primarily this is done on-site, however coming on board with SaleCycle means that I now have a whole new avenue for testing.

Q We love a good old A/B test – glad you do too! What trends in the industry do you see that excite you the most?

A I sometimes take a bit of a jaundiced view of trends; I remember when augmented reality was supposed to be the big thing, yet there’s an AR app on my phone still waiting for its maiden voyage. That said, there’s a lot of justifiable buzz around personalization.
It isn’t a new concept, but I think now it has gained some genuine traction, and the technology is finally catching up with marketing ambitions and customer expectations.


Q Hmmm, yeah AR hasn’t really taken off just yet, but we totally agree about personalization, and when it’s done well we see really positive results. What made you want to start your remarketing program?

A It was actually the on-site remarketing that first appealed to me, as it was a great solution for a specific business challenge. It made sense to pilot the email remarketing at the same time as the on-site functionality, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Q That’s always good to hear! Has the success of the campaign surprised you?

A It actually has! We see a conversion rate that is much higher than our normal email campaigns. What has been a surprise is that we thought the simpler, single component bookings would make up the bulk of our campaign sales. However, we’ve had a really good spread of products which is really pleasing to see.

Q That’s great and interesting to see the success coming from different areas than expected. What key elements do you think make the campaign successful?

A Being a mathematical, testing-driven CRO professional I probably shouldn’t say this but I think visually it looks great, which has to help! Aesthetics aside, we’ve kept the emails simple, functional and the fact that they’re responsive makes for a really nice customer experience.


Q We’re all secretly suckers for great designs! And finally… One short city break – What do you do?

A A year ago I would have said Edinburgh, as I’m a huge advocate of domestic tourism (even before I worked at SuperBreak), and Edinburgh is such a beautiful, friendly place. However, I went to Amsterdam for the Christmas markets last year and had an amazing few days (with my wife before you get carried away!).
If you love beer, cheese and pastry then it’s the place for you, just take a thick jumper (or 5).

Good advice! Thanks for your time David. Start planning your next short break at


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