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Remarketing Revealed: Scudetto Japan


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After partnering with Scudetto at the end 2014 to help bring remarketing solutions to the Japanese market, we decided to check in and see how some of the regions most well-known cosmetic and apparel brands are faring…
So we caught up with Keita Hosoe, Founder and CEO of Scudetto, to get his insights on the successes his clients have seen and the challenges he feels still exist.

Q Tell me about the prevalence of remarketing in Japan.

A The act of ‘remarketing’ and its benefits are definitely well known here in Japan, but we find that there is still a relatively large knowledge gap when it comes to some of the terminology used.
That being said, the prevalence of remarketing does vary greatly depending on which sector we are talking to. With travel, hotels specifically, the knowledge of remarketing is still rather low. And there’s a great opportunity at hand to continue to educate our clients!

Q What are some of the challenges you face when you’re educating brands about the benefits of remarketing?

A There’s definitely already a level of interest in remarketing here, which is very helpful!
The greatest challenge we face is probably conveying that these remarketing solutions can be as easy or as complex as the client needs. Sometimes there is a preconceived notion that there has to be a “complex implementation process” to get remarketing solutions up and running. But in all reality, the implementation of these solutions is really defined by them, the client, their own requirements and how intelligent they want their remarketing to be.

“We deliver a solution, not a product. We embed ourselves into the client’s business, becoming the architecture of what they are trying to achieve in their marketing.”
Charles Tidswell, CRO SaleCycle APJ

QYes, it’s really all about finding a flexible remarketing solution that can be tailored to the client! Can you tell me about any interesting campaigns and optimizations you’ve done that have been successful?

A We are currently working with one of Japan’s largest cosmetic brands. Their remarketing campaign has been quite clever from the start, in that the email remarketing is hyper-segmented.
Not just the creative, but the messaging of the emails, vary depending on what the customer has placed in their cart, making for a much more personalized experience.
And it’s been performing extremely well for them. The next steps will be to see how we can extend this and what other elements can be added to the campaign.

Q That’s awesome to hear! So one last question… What do you believe are the biggest opportunities for remarketing in Japan in the future?

A The ecommerce industry in Japan has been increasing since 2010, with physical products accounting for more that 53% of the ecommerce market here. This growth is expected to continue until at least 2018 so we have a great opportunity at hand!
We really have focused on being the high-end remarketing model with the service to match. We have great clients and great results so the future is definitely very bright!

You can find out more about Scudettos on their website at



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