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Remarketing Revealed: The Wisteria Story


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On the backend of our recent case study with home furnishings & décor company, Wisteria, we wanted to dig a little deeper and get the inside scoop.
So we caught up with SaleCycle Enterprise Account Manager, Elyse Hall, to get her insight on what makes this multi-cycle email remarketing campaign so successful and the tips and tricks she’s learned.

Q What aspect of managing this campaign has been the most fun/interesting?

A Each client is vastly different, and learning the full spectrum of their branding and marketing strategies is probably one of the most fun parts for me. I realize that is probably not everyone’s idea of fun, but I’m a closet marketing nerd, so I love it!
In Wisteria’s case, they already had a very well established email nurture program in place, so we had to spend time learning how to marry the marketing messages to ensure we would have one cohesive email program both pre and post abandonment.

Q Well you’re talking to a fellow marketing nerd, so I love it too! So let’s flip the question… What was the most challenging aspect you encountered when setting up the campaign and how did you work around it?

A Like I just mentioned, Wisteria already had an awesome email nurture program in place, which was both a curse and a blessing. We had a great starting point to build upon but had some initial challenges when it came to working out the messaging for not just one but THREE cart abandonment emails, so that we had a consistent, cohesive message throughout the entire customer lifecycle.
We were all very mindful to the fact that the key to making a multi-cycle campaign work, and not become noise to the consumer, is personalized and relevant messaging. So we split-tested the heck out of the sending times, subject lines and messaging. It took a few tries, but I’m proud to say I think we’ve proved we got it right!

Q And I’d have to agree, awesome work! So besides split-testing… What are the key elements that make this campaign so successful?

A Well, this campaign’s success really comes down to two things, knowing your brand and mastering the messaging.
Being in the home interior/design industry, Wisteria’s website, and brand is heavily focused on big, beautiful and inviting imagery. And we were conscious that our remarketing email templates mirror that esthetic for instant brand recognition and appeal.
And then comes the messaging. I know I keep coming back to that, but it was really key here. Wisteria opted for three cycles each using a slightly different approach. The first cart abandonment email is a friendly reminder with full, personalized cart details. The 2nd email builds upon this with the addition of product recommendations. And then the 3rd and final email relies solely on a well-branded, highly visual template to tempt the consumer back to the website.

Q I love the use of the three varied messages! Were you surprised by any of the results from this campaign?

A Yes, pleasantly surprised! On average, clients utilizing our email remarketing solution see an additional 20-30% uplift in recovered revenue when they opt to use a multi-cycle approach. But Wisteria’s email campaign has blown this average out of the water, seeing an additional 47% uplift with the addition of their 2nd and 3rd cycles!
It just really goes to show how effective these remarketing communications can be when the messaging is spot on.

Q And now just for fun (and because this is my favorite question to ask)… what’s your campaign management spirit animal?

A Hmmm… probably a bear… well a mama bear. Protective, devoted and attentive. I always joke that my clients are my “babies” and like that mama bear, I’m fiercely protective of them. Just ask anyone on our dev/design team if there’s a problem that needs to be addressed for one of my clients… they better watch out!

Thanks Elyse! If you want to check out the full Wisteria story (and see some awesome home decor in the process!) download a copy of the case study below;

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