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[Webinar] Millennium Hotels – Reconnecting Customers with User Generated Content


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In this 60-second video snippet, Chris Sheen (Head of Marketing at SaleCycle) and Deepak Janakiraman (Chief Product Officer at Reevoo) look at why Millennium Hotels let their customers do the talking for them.

A staggering 61% of people read product reviews before buying online. More brands than ever before are acknowledging this, taking a step back from sweating over dynamite ad copy, and letting their customers do the talking.
[one_half]In remarketing, where it’s all about reconnecting with consumers through great content, UGC (user-generated content) is an awesome way of providing extra information to help them make a decision.
Still mulling over whether to buy that new digital camera? So were Jack and Katy, but they went ahead and rated in 9/10. Not sure whether those shoes are comfortable enough to hike in? Michael walked 15 miles in them on Sunday and says they were great.[/one_half]

Millenium Hotels User Generated Content


Watch our 20-minute webinar ‘Reconnecting Customers with User Generated Content’ for more examples on the power of combining remarketing and UGC.
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