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10 of the Best Marketing Emails We've Seen This Year

10 of the Best Marketing Emails We've Seen This Year


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SaleCycle’s team have picked some of the emails that have impressed them over the last year. 
205 billion emails are sent every day (2.4 million per minute), and this volume of emails makes getting the attention of recipients even harder for marketers. Emails have to appeal to recipients with relevant offers and information, great design, and creativity.
Here are some examples we’ve picked from Trainline, EasyJet, Wistia and more…

1. LinkedIn – Mid-Year Review Email

“LinkedIn’s ‘mid-year review’ email is brilliant in it’s simplicity.

The email is a montage of people who have moved companies or changed roles in the last six months.
Aside from the number of connections that have changed roles (235 in my case!) the email gives little else away – simply tempting you to click on the faces to find out more – and getting you right back to where LinkedIn want you – on LinkedIn!” – Chris Sheen, CMO

2. Majestic Wines – Replenishment Email

“This is about good use of data. Majestic Wines knows I have bought this wine before, and left positive reviews via the app.

The subject line is: ‘HURRY, Porta 6 from just ÂŁ6.99 ends tomorrow – you bought it and you loved it – now stock up!’ 
It’s enough to catch my attention, and reminds me that it’s a wine I’ve enjoyed before so I’m likely to pick it up at a good price. It worked too…” – Graham Charlton, Editor in Chief

3. Bobbi Brown – Confirmation Email

“This is a booking confirmation email I received from a make-up company. I like the friendly yet informative tone and the fact that you always receive a confirmation email, whether you book the appointment online or in the shop.

The email design isn’t spectacular, but it’s a good email to engage existing clients while conveying an image of quality and simplicity which matches the brand values.” – Caroline Baudin, Marketing Manager,  South EMEA.

4. Wistia – Blog Update Email

“When you sign up to the Wistia Blog you get these updates once or twice a week.
They often make great use of gifs to get the fun brand personality across, but I really liked the design of this static email they sent last week.

The colour palette is bold but pleasing to the eye, the hero image is quirky, clean and clear (like the brand), and the navigation is simple and straightforward, I know exactly where I should be clicking.
I also love the copy, the headline teasing me with something I want, by using the phrase stress-free they are both pushing the problem (stress) and suggesting the solution (stress-free workflow) in one brilliant swoop. The second headline also agitates the problem by suggesting if you don’t follow this workflow you will lose time and sleep. Bravo!” – Chris Gascoigne, Video Marketing Manager.

5. Adidas – Promotional Email

“Adidas’ emails are some of the best designed emails and most attractive I receive.
Great use of GIFs here – if you scroll to the bottom of the email you’ll see the shoe land…” – Luke Nokes, Lead Designer.

6. Velocity – Rewards Programme Email

Subject line: “Well this is awkward.”
“Since signing up to Velocity’s rewards programme three years ago, I’d heard nothing.

This ‘apology’ email is a clever example of using humour to re-engage customers and increase their active user base. The subject line made me want to know more, and worked well with the pre-header and email imagery.” – Katie Ash, Product Marketing Manager.

7. EasyJet – 20th Anniversary Email Campaign

“This email campaign from Easyjet caught my eye due to its use of data. It created a unique story connecting the flyer and the airline using their shared history.

It’s not always a brand that’s loved but I guarantee this email put a smile on a lot of their customers’ faces (and more miles on their planes).” – Jack Ford, Acquisition Marketing Manager.

8. Asda – Daily Alert Emails

“Asda’s Daily Alert emails use personalization to great effect.
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[image-comparator width=”500″]

They are fully automated, and use the customer’s previous purchase behavior to select the items displayed in the email.” – Taylor Ottoway, Marketing Apprentice

9. Trainline – Reminder Email

“Whenever I book train tickets, I don’t look any further than Trainline. Why? Because they make the customer journey an enjoyable and stress free one.
This email is one of my favourites and it starts right from the beautiful header image which is accompanied with the question Are You Ready?

The ‘download now’ CTA made it super easy to download the tickets right from the app knowing I wouldn’t have the dreaded faff of finding a ticket machine and having to remember my booking code and debit card minutes before my train arrived at god knows what platform. Those days have just about gone, thank god and the world is a better place for it.
My favourite part of this email has to be the weather personalization at the bottom of the email.” Nic Weschenfelder, Marketing Executive.

10. Playstation – Promotional Email

“Subject line: ‘The Freedom to play is yours, andersano92
I regularly receive emails from Playstation EU, sometimes they’re good and catch my attention, other times I don’t even open them.

The email shared here really grabbed me. It’s clear branding, pixel perfect images denoting different gaming characters and most importantly for me, the in email video, make it a glossy high quality email.

While there are parts of the email that I don’t like (Font) it is certainly an eye-catcher.” – Matt Anderson, Marketing Executive.


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