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3 Tactics for a Brilliant Black Friday

3 Tactics for a Brilliant Black Friday


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Marketing Manager, Jack Ford, takes a look at three tactics e-commerce brands can use for a successful Black Friday.
To help you make the most of of this event, here are three of the most effective Black Friday Behavioral Marketing tactics.


1 Create Urgency

The Black Friday sales are all about the urgency of the one-off special prices. Countdown timers are a great way to convince them to snap up the items on offer before it’s too late.
Including timers in on-site messages can stop shoppers from leaving your site and persuade them that they really do need that half-price TV.
[/one_half][one_half_last]On-Site Conversion - Countdown Timers
Or try adding them to your cart abandonment emails to alert your interested shoppers to how long they’ve got left to get their desired item at this great price.


2 Give Your Shoppers The Fear

The fear of missing out is a powerful tactic you should be using to close the deal. It’ll work especially well on Black Friday when sale stock is limited. None of us like to miss out on what others are enjoying.
Alert your website browsers to how many other shoppers are considering the same products or how quickly they will sell-out to convince them to grab your Black Friday bargains.


3 Show Them What You’ve Got

No doubt you’ll have marketing campaigns, both digital and offline, showcasing your best Black Friday offers. However, when someone’s browsing your site are you reminding them of the hottest deals?
Use intelligent on-site messages to showcase personalized bite-your-hand-off-bargains to your customers.
[/one_half][one_half_last]On-Site Conversion - Countdown Timers[/one_half_last]
Target your browsers by their product interests or item value to make sure you’re highlighting the best deals for each shopper.

Did you know abandonment is lowest during sale periods?

Well it’s true. We’ve tracked over 1 billion cart abandonments and have created an infographic to share 10 things you didn’t know about cart abandonment.


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