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3 Tips for Getting Fashion Marketing Emails Opened

3 Tips for Getting Fashion Marketing Emails Opened


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Jack Ford, EMEA Marketing Manager, reveals three top tips to getting fashion marketing emails opened!
£10.7 billion. According to Mintel, that’s how much UK shoppers spent online on clothes and shoes last year. I can almost hear the wardrobes creaking from here! With spending set to almost double by 2019, here are 3 tips to help get your marketing emails opened and your products flying out of the door.

1 Pull The Trigger

“When is it the best time to send an email?” I hear marketers cry. When it’s relevant for the customer, is the answer. This could be when a customer has:

  • Browsed your website,
  • Signed up to a newsletter, or most crucially,
  • Added something to their basket without buying,

By sending triggered emails (aka email remarketing) based on your customers’ activity you’ll immediately boost open rates. SaleCycle’s very own research has shown this increases open rates from an average of 21% to 53%.
Make sure you follow up your customers’ activity in a timely fashion to achieve the best results. My tip – don’t send sooner than 30 minutes after the activity or later than a day after.

2 What’s Your Specialist Subject (line)?

A great subject line can be the difference between being one click away from the trash, and one click away from a sale. Countless research points to increased open rates using subject line personalisation with:
But to really catch the eye use details such as:

  • Browsing history,
  • Basket content,
  • Buying habits,

Try combining these details for maximum effect. For example: “Jack, don’t forget to buy your new trainers”, or “Jack, these jeans are perfect for the shirt you just bought”.
Another great tip for improving your subject line is to call-out what your customers value. Depending on your brand’s positioning this could be ethical sources or unbeatable bargains, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t love free delivery? According to a study by Deloitte over two thirds of online shoppers are looking for free delivery, so if you offer it –shout about it!

3 Pre-headers Are The New Black

A recent report from Litmus shows that 53% of emails are opened on mobile – a 500% growth in the past four years! This trend has made savvy-marketers (yes, you) ensure their emails are responsive and easy to read on mobiles and tablets (hint-hint). But how do you make sure your customers open them on their device?
One tactic from the mobile-friendly kit-bag is the pre-header. This is the text that follows the subject line when an email is previewed. Along with “from name” and “subject line”, the pre-header is one of the first three things a customer will see.
[one_half]An ineffective pre-header will:

  • Repeat the subject line,
  • Not provide any value to the customer,
  • Not be text,

[one_half_last]A good pre-header will:

  • Complement the subject line,
  • Provide a call to action,
  • Provide a preview of the content of the email,

And for those with tech-loving customers, pre-headers are also highly visible realestate on the latest fashion accessory, the Apple Watch and other smart-watches – so give yours some consideration to stay bang on trend.[/two_third][one_third]mid-pulltrigger[/one_third]

In Summary

So, my three top tips to increase your email open rates and grab a share of £10bn (and growing) are:

  1. Trigger emails based on customer activity,
  2. Use customer insight in the subject line,
  3. Make the most of mobile,

And, as ever with email marketing, it is vital that you test and evaluate to understand the impact on your campaigns.

  • Try different response times for email remarketing,
  • Experiment with subject lines and pre-headers to discover your best performing combinations,
  • Remember only one test a time – you won’t be able to see what’s causing the increase in open rates if you try all 3 in one go,

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