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5 On-Site Remarketing Taglines We Love


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Great on-site remarketing does not interrupt the customer experience, rather it works to enhance it; recognizing online visitors who could use an extra hand and delivering the right message to help them.
Inspired by some of our favorite brands, here’s 5 creative, quirky and fun on-site remarketing taglines you can use to effectively to reconnect, engage and convert your online customers with the types of interactions they’re actually craving!

1 “Don’t leave us hanging.” – French Connection

We’re loving this out-of-the-box tagline from French Connection! Urging customers to make a move and not “leave them hanging” (literally and figuratively), acts as a friendly nudge to proceed with your online shopping in a creative and memorable way.[/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

2 “Make the leap!” – Oakley

Enticing customers to leave their email is no easy feat; but Oakley really nails it! This on-site messaging, coupled with a spot-on creative, really adds a sense of excitement and serves as an extra push in the right direction!

3 “Relax. Enjoy your flight.” – Virgin Atlantic

Security lines, long hours of travel, and if you’re really unlucky, unexpected layovers. You certainly don’t want people to feel like their travels will be difficult, painful or even a struggle. With that being said, two thumbs up for this tagline because of the feeling of relaxation and comfort it brings![/one_half]

4 “Book today, earn points tonight” – Club Carlson

[/one_half][one_half_last]This straightforward tagline from Club Carlson is all about immediate gratification. Short, sweet and to the point, this messaging leaves no questions about the benefits of booking now!

5 Don’t go yet, it’s time to get your sit together” – Poopourri

Ok, let’s call this what it is… a mildly inappropriate, yet hilarious play on words (we dare you not to laugh). Not everyone can get away with this level of quirky fun, but Poopourri is absolutely owning their unique brand… and it just works.[/one_half]

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