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7 Awesome Examples of Remarketing in Fashion

7 Awesome Examples of Remarketing in Fashion


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Cute heels, edgy dresses and fierce looks; when remarketing takes over the fashion world, magic happens! And all it takes is a little wave of the remarketing wand to work wonders on these high-class brands.
Let’s not waste another moment and strut into 7 of our favorite remarketing campaigns within the fashion realm. Oh and if heels aren’t your thing .…you can always glare at this screen. That works too.



DKNY is doing it right with their cool vibes, harmonious colors and spectacular seasonal creatives! By emailing customers 30 minutes after an abandonment, DKNY wastes no time in reminding customers of what they left behind.
Thank you DKNY. You follow up with your customers no matter how many times they forget their carts. That’s true love.


2 French Connection

It’s magnificent… or should we say magnifique!? French Connection’s on-site remarketing is remarkable in it’s simplicity, clear message and finesse.
Deploying within the checkout funnel, their approach is the perfect touch to re-engage customers who may have become distracted during their buying journey.We see you French Connection and we appreciate you trying to spice things up for your shoppers.


3 Ralph Lauren

Edgy, elite and fabulous! Ralph Lauren’s cart abandonment emails are distinct and stand out from the crowd. With a two cycle email remarketing campaign to tempt customers back to complete their purchase and the use of international templates showcasing their global reach, Ralph Lauren hits a double whammy in the remarketing world.
It’s genius, it’s relevant… and it’s working!


4 Ecco

Ecco is winning. Their on-site email acquisition campaign fires on the homepage to entice customers with the latest and greatest products and promotions.
And with an on-site creative (and shoes) as hot as this, I’m sure nobody will mind a second round of these bad boys showing up in their inbox!


5 Ted Baker

Ah, another one of our email remarketing favorites! Ted Baker has an extremely strategic approach to their remarketing campaign. When a customer abandons a purchase, they wait an hour and follow up with a brilliant cart abandonment email.
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And they wait no less than a day to send another email complete with the customer’s full cart details. It’s genius and we are loving their focus on mobile responsive designs… definite bonus points!


6 Forever 21

Forever 21’s email remarketing is chic, elegant and straightforward. It’s light colors, readable font and clear call-to-actions make it an easy-on-the-eyes kind of email.
Throw in an additional promotional banner with the latest great deals and this dynamic email is another great example of remarketing in action!


7 Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is sticking to the remarketing basics, utilizing beautiful multi-cycle cart abandonment emails. Packed with full customer cart details, glamorous creatives and hand-picked product recommendations, their emails are customer-focused and sealed with a touch of class.
[one_half_last]fash-jimmyC-emr (1)[/one_half_last]
It just goes to show you, basic doesn’t have to be boring!

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