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7 Game Changing Cart Abandonment Emails

7 Game Changing Cart Abandonment Emails


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Borrowing from The Abandonment Email Playbook, Marketing Manager Jack Ford takes a closer look at seven examples of game changing remarketing emails.
With the latest stats highlighting a 76.8% cart abandonment rate, the value to ecommerce brands of reconnecting with these visitors is clear to see.
One tried and tested (and the most popular) way of re-engaging online shoppers is to use cart abandonment emails. In short; sending an automated email within a few minutes or hours of a purchase being abandoned. The most basic of these emails will (or should!):

  • Display all of the items from the abandoned basket
  • Use a clear call to action button
  • Link directly to the original basket

This will help you recover some of the ‘lost’ sales, but it’s the equivalent of using your old Nokia 3310 instead of the latest iPhone.

Here, we look at how seven of the world’s biggest brands, who don’t just settle for ‘okay’, use the latest technology and trends to create game changing cart abandonment emails. For even more examples check out The Cart Abandonment Email Playbook.

1 Personalization For Mobile – DFDS

Over half of all emails are opened on mobile, yet fewer than half of marketers make use of responsive design in their emails. Amending the language of the email can be a game changer too. DFDS Dynamically swap their calls to action to “tap” from “click” for mobile users to make their journey feel more personal.

2 Boosting Order Values – Reebok

Reebok uses cart abandonments to explore cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
By using the abandoned item information, Reebok use their second-cycle email to dynamically suggest similar or complementary products to their shoppers. We’ve seen brands boost AOVs by 38% with this tactic.

3 Customer Reviews – Currys PC World

Over three quarters of consumers seek out reviews before purchasing. By including product Reevoo scores in their cart abandonment emails,  Currys are trying to convince their hesitant shoppers to come back and buy.
This focus on User Generated Content sets Currys apart from other retailers as buyers become increasingly savvy to “ad-speak”.

4 Live Content – flydubai

By working with the latest email marketing technology, flydubai’s cart abandonment emails change to reflect the live interest in the abandoned booking.

This kind of popularity message combined with a scarce product (a seat on that flight!) is a perfect way to drive urgency and recovered bookings.

“Delivering live content in cart abandonment emails is really exciting. Used correctly, you’ll effectively be sending custom emails to convince your shoppers to complete their purchase.”

Dan McKinnon at Movable Ink

5 Countdown Timer – Lipsy

We all need an extra nudge sometimes, and that’s not lost on Lipsy.
By including a countdown timer for the cut off for next day delivery, Lipsy provide a healthy dose of urgency to their abandoners to help persuade them to purchase before it’s  too late.

6 A/B Testing – Cath Kidston

Fashion and home retailer Cath Kidston wanted to test the timing of their cart abandonment email to see if a shorter delay would boost performance vs their current email sent 1 day after the abandonment.
The results were pretty conclusive, with the shortest send time of 2 hours increasing conversions by 38%.

7 Shopper Segmentation – BT

By implementing dynamic segmentation in their cart abandonment campaigns BT personalize their emails based on browser-interest without lifting a finger.
This tactic helped BT increase their online sales by over 13% with their cart abandonment emails achieving a conversion-from-send rate of 5.3%.

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