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7 Must-Haves for a Kickass Remarketing Campaign

7 Must-Haves for a Kickass Remarketing Campaign


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Content Specialist Nash kicks off the new year with 7 tips for creating truly awesome remarketing campaigns.
Let’s just state the obvious. It’s a new year and with that comes a fresh start! New beginnings always demand a new attitude. And yes I’m talking about our attitude towards remarketing campaigns. It’s 2016 and we no longer desire the mundane campaign. We don’t want ordinary remarketing. We don’t want a campaign that’s ‘just good,’ or ‘great.’ We want one that’s kickass!
So here we go, we’re kicking off the new year by laying out 7 key elements to make your remarketing campaigns truly remarkable…

1 Segmentation

In short, you need to know who you’re speaking to. This is where behavioural segmentation comes into your campaign plan. It’s important your message is created and delivered by relevance to your customer’s location, gender, age, interests and actions!
When your message is customised and individualised for a specific audience, the message holds more meaning.


And that’s what you want to aim for in your remarketing campaign: true value and meaning for your customers.

2 Social Media

Now undoubtedly, every remarketing campaign has to include an element of social strategy.
Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are more than just mediums to upload shameless selfies and gloat over the amount of ‘likes’ you get. They are channels to be used for awareness and promotion.

Seriously, kick it up a notch and try tying in social media to your remarketing campaigns. Pull in cool Instagram photos, live tweets or even throw in a link to your Facebook fan page to add some dynamic content to a standard email!


3 User Generated Content

Your customers are some smart peeps. They’re not going to dive in head first to your products without looking into how it played out for other people, people much like themselves.
There’s a 99.9% chance they’re going to seek out other opinions… and that’s my next point.
User generated content. I’m talking product reviews, on-site testimonials, polls and anything else from the consumer’s perspective about your products and services.
If you rock, they’ll find out, but just from someone else. And that’s the goal!

4 Responsive Design

They say curiosity killed the cat. Well, kill as many metaphorical cats (not real ones!) as possible because you should never stop being curious about one thing: “How do our customers interact with us?” Did you know that more than 80% of shoppers use their mobile devices? So if that’s the case, then having an effective mobile strategy for your remarketing campaigns is a no-brainer.

How you might ask? May it be on-site messages, emails, call-to-action buttons or even font choices, your mobile creatives need to be responsive. And based on specific actions, your desktop vs. mobile strategy needs to make sense.

Should you email a confirmation code to a customer who used your store’s app to shop? Should your on-site messaging deploy in the same fashion on mobile as it does on desktop?
Perhaps yes, but maybe some tweaks need to be made.

5 The Human Factor

Think about it. When you’re shopping at a store, there’s an employee on hand to check on you, answer questions and provide assistance. And being able to replicate that ‘human factor’ in your online remarketing campaigns is a must-have!

From recommending products, suggesting helpful videos, or providing the option to save their shopping cart, providing ‘the human factor’ scores you major brownie points with your online customers.


In the day and age of smart phones, the vast majority of us communicate via text. People make quick plans over text, have full blown conversations over text, and even break up over text (ouch!). So why not tap into this communication medium and utilize it to our advantage?
Try using SMS in your campaigns to send special promotions, discounts, or let customers know about the latest and greatest products now available. SMS, it’s convenient, it’s short and it’ll get your remarketing message out quick!


7 A/B Testing

You know something we could all learn a little from? History. With that being said, look back at your previous remarketing campaigns and see what worked. What templates were successful? What information within the email sparked a lot of interest? What designs generated more positive reactions?

Continuous optimization and A/B testing is a crucial part of any campaign. This is where you learn what you should keep doing, what you should scrap and what you can improve on even more! So let history repeat itself… as long as it was successful!

See This in Action

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