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A Beginner's Guide to Ecommerce Call Back Tools

A Beginner's Guide to Ecommerce Call Back Tools


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In this post, we will take a look at SaleCycle’s call me feature and how online retailers can use call back tools to increase conversion rates.

What Is the Call Me Feature and How Can It Be Used?

Our call me feature is a perfect way to extend the in-store experience online! It’s frustrating enough in-store when you can’t find what you’re looking for or need more information on a product but of course, there’s not a salesperson in sight!
The same problem happens online, and if your shoppers don’t get the help or answers that they need, they will leave without making a purchase!
With call me features, you can replicate the in-store associate experience by offering to call visitors when it looks like they need a helping hand along their journey to purchase.
This feature is perfect for when your shoppers are making a ‘big purchase’ and don’t want to rush into purchasing before knowing fully about a product. Additionally, this feature works great with contracts or vacations, where your shoppers may have any questions before converting.

Timing is key here, it’s important to identify when your shoppers are about to abandon a purchase, these trigger times can be customized according to the products being viewed.
Once the shopper shows intent to abandon, a customizable message appears asking for their number and if they would like a call to help with any questions or concerns. It’s important to tailor this message to suit the product and your shoppers for the best results.
There are a number of display options for this feature to either subtly prompt the visitor to make an impact with a full-screen takeover. Play around with different display options to find a one that suits your brand and results in the highest calls leading to conversions.

From this, their phone number will be sent through to you to follow up and call your consumer to help them along their path to purchase.

In Summary

Allowing a way for your shoppers to speak to a salesperson or customer service agent is a great way to increase conversions and customer loyalty due to the helpfulness of your company.
It shows that you care about your customer’s questions and problems and are willing to reach out and help.
By offering this, you are going above and beyond to make sure your consumer is happy and confident to purchase from you, making your brand stand out from the rest with top customer service.


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