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A Designer's Take: 5 On-Site Remarketing Displays That Convert


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Marketing Coordinator Amnah Sultan showcases her top five favorite On-Site Remarketing Displays and tells us why they excel in aesthetics and with conversions!
Aesthetics. It’s a word most often bypassed and not really used as a part of a marketer’s lingo. However, it’s the very crux of what makes visual marketing content appealing to consumers today. It has the ability to captivate visitors at first glance. It can work to enhance your customer’s visual experience and activate their visual sensory receptors in a way that works for your brand. And ultimately, they can see the display in an appealing way and engage with it accordingly!
Many marketers may undermine the positive influence of appealing aesthetics, but truthfully, how your On-site Remarketing creatives look plays a huge role in conversions. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our amazing On-Site Remarketing examples from our clients and how they’re so alluring from an artist’s point of view!

1 Rhapsody

This On-site Remarketing display from Rhapsody gives off an old school vibe. With vibrant colors bordering the visual, it exudes energy and gives the display personality. From an artist’s point of view, what we enjoy the most about this visual is it’s subtle display of animation. [/one_half][one_half_last]

It’s not overbearing, it’s easy on the eyes and has a very minimalistic approach. Definitely one of our top favorites so far!

2 JibJab


JibJab is notoriously known for making people laugh and through it’s fun and interactive display, it does exactly that. With a quirky image to the side of the creative, it leaves you grinning and thinking about just how unique it is.

Along with the humorous rock band animation, we commend its use of typography and contrasting colors. While the typography is clean cut, modern and bold, the color blend of blues is calming to the eyes.

3 Cardpool

I think we can all agree here that the tagline quite literally pulls you into the “loop.” A good tagline coupled with subtle animation is always a great idea. Not to mention, the originality of the display makes it stand out.

Aesthetics is not about conforming to the ordinary, but rather about thinking outside of the box. The display is not your typical rectangular or squarish display, but it daringly experiments with a spiral in motion.

[one_half]flyscoot (1)[/one_half]

4 FlyScoot

While keeping aesthetics in mind, brand relevance should never be lost. FlyScoot does a great job in tying in the overall brand image of the company onto their on-site display.
It perfectly complements the site’s overall presence through using their same yellow and black color scheme and clipart that’s consistent with their website.


5 Sunglass Hut

Less is better. We’ve stressed it before, but what all key designs come down to is the amount that is displayed. Think about it. Visitors don’t want to be overwhelmed by a display with a lot going on because their first reaction will be “no thank you.”
[one_half_last]Sunglasshut (1)[/one_half_last]
Sunglasses Hut’s On-site Remarketing display gets straight to the point. It showcases the product of interest in a clean cut fashion and has a highly visible “call-to-action” button so visitors can follow-through appropriately.

There’s plenty more of that!

Want to see more aesthetically pleasing On-Site Remarketing displays that convert? Head over to our amazing On-Site Remarketing Look Book for more!
On-Site Remarketing Look Book


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