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A Beginner’s Guide to Behavioral Marketing for iGaming

A Beginner’s Guide to Behavioral Marketing for iGaming


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Do you invest money and time into driving online traffic to your gaming website? Are you facing issues with your online traffic not registering or making that all important FTD (first time deposit). 

Our figures show that 80% of visitors to iGaming websites abandon before they convert so it’s vital to look at how we can capture these lost deposits and registrations. 

Behavioural marketing and remarketing strategies help to understand your online visitors and how they interact with your website while capturing and converting users who abandon the registration form or who are yet to make a deposit. 

In turn, this will lead to bets, returning players, an increase in first time depositors and higher lifetime value of each player.

US iGaming Potential & Key Trends

In Q1 2023, the U.S. mobile and online gaming sector achieved a remarkable feat, breaking revenue records. The American Gaming Association’s tracker reported $16.6 billion in revenue, with 25% coming from online sources. 

This marked the eighth consecutive record-breaking quarter, driven by the industry’s dynamic growth. March 2023 alone saw a historic high of $5.9 billion in revenue.

Across 35 commercial gaming markets, 18 set new revenue records, except for Mississippi, which had a slight dip. Mobile and online gaming accounted for 24.7% of total revenue.

Nationally, legal sports betting hit $31.1 billion in wagers, resulting in a record $2.79 billion quarterly revenue, up 70.1% annually. New markets in Kansas, Massachusetts, and Ohio contributed significantly.

The online casino (iGaming) segment also thrived, reporting $1.48 billion in revenue, a 22.7% increase from the previous year.

On-Site Remarketing: Increase Registrations & FTDs

Behavioural on-site displays are a fantastic way to grab a visitor’s attention and prevent them from leaving your website or bouncing fast. 

Engage your potential players by communicating exactly what they need to hear at the right time.

If visitors are showing intent to leave your site, a triggered display highlighting a sign-up offer will lead to a longer session time and an increase in FTD’s. 

Better still, these displays can be segmented to ensure that visitors who have never deposited will receive one message whereas those whose data you have, will receive an existing customer offer or specific bonus.

Segmentation is key, and tailoring that message will ensure your visitors are receiving the relevant prompts they need, to make that next step.

Account Abandonment Emails: Encourage Further FTDs

When you have already gained your customers details you can now begin to promote offers, bonuses and other important information that will encourage them to fund their account.

The key to this is timely and personalised emails to would-be players that have yet to fund their account after receiving their sign up offer/bonus.

Suggest your most popular games or show your latest odds to give them the final nudge. Essentially, you are looking to encourage higher retention rates and keep your customers engaged, to ultimately increase their lifetime value (LTV).

Post Purchase: Improve LTV

After the FTD the customer’s journey should have only just begun. Now it’s important to build up customer loyalty and improve the LTV of each customer leading to more revenue.

Post-purchase emails are a great way to do this. They can be sent directly after a transaction with the aim of upselling.

An idea would be to include special odds, boosts, free spins bonuses on new games and other bonus marketing material to increase loyalty. 

Post-transaction messaging doesn’t stop at emails. It can also be done in the form of SMS messages. This is an important point as around 80% of online gaming users play on their mobile devices. 

Our data shows messages are opened within 90 seconds compared to 90 minutes via email. Plus, the SMS open rate is 98% with a CTR of 36% compared to a CTR of 3.2% via email.


It’s a challenge to pull visitors to your website, and can often be costly. Therefore, it is vital that your website is best prepared to convert as many visitors as possible. 

Use on-site displays to prolong a visitor’s session time on your site and make them aware of your deals to make sure they just can’t leave!

Use intelligent Browse Abandonment emails to remind them of what they’re been looking at on your gaming site.

And finally, Post-Transaction messaging through SMS and email are a great way to increase AOV, repeat players and higher deposits.


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